shaped a new board

with pretty colors :slight_smile:

tail side


from another angle

it’s a 6’4" rounded pin with a side of beef

ride it as a quad, as a tri fin, or as a twin fin

and if ya can find a small enough center fin, i guess you can ride it as a five finned board

it’s kinda shaped after the black beauty but because i live in FL i didn’t give it that sharp rail that merrick gave his

cant wait for my friend to tell me how it rides

before today i had never messed with resin tints

Looks great. How about a deck shot as well. Is it PUPE or epoxy? Do you find it kind of tail heavy with all those fin boxes back there?

have not laminated the deck yet… will tackle that on monday i think…

its PUPE… i don’t find it heavy at all…

there are five boxes which is only one more than a quad would have so i don’t think that it would add too much weight…

those boxes are rather light and there isn’t much resin that goes in the slots before i place them in

the bottom of the board is 4oz and the top will be laminated 6/4

what boxes are they? o’fish’l?

nice “slob job” as we say - colors are fun, aren’t they?

they are futures fin setup

i’m going with a set of 3/2/1’s with the added 3.25" side bites…

and colors are lots of fun!!!

i am going to play around some more with the resin pigments real soon

remember those big lollie pops that were yellow, red, blue, and green???

nice one. looks super versatile. hope you can post pics when it’s done with the fins in (chipfish would be frothing!) & post some ride reports too.

here are a few updated pictures… they speak for themselves…

i will say this… i am not done doing the top laminate…

i have to do an over lap layer

something to take care of before i do an over lap layer…

i had some build up on the nose were i had to do my over lap

i also have a few spots (like three or four) where i have to sand before i finish laminating the top

copy and paste to check out the gellery where i have the pics… you can click on them and see bigger ones