ShapeMakers Video *PIC*

I just got it and will watch it tonight.

Thanks for turning us on to it… FD

Just ordered it. Have had good experience purchasing through Wetsand plus they have some of the best free surf forecast tools out there. Support 'em!

Wetsand is a great site, I almost use it as much as Swaylocks… but not really

Got it,watched it,love it and learned something from all the shapers. It is a must have for the content and the history. Stay Soul,Rick

I think I can say that it was worth the dough since flying to all those places would be much too expensive. It was like dropping in on the shapers for a few minutes. Some of the interviewing was inconsistent or nonexistent - Ole wasn’t really interviewed at all although his personality came shining through. Ole looked like he was making an interesting short board, Dale was super Dale, Renny was fun, excuse me Bill I can’t hear you through your mask, what was that you were saying about vee Mr Brewer?. Scott Dillon had some very poignant things to say that apply to the Swaylocks crew: when he was shaping early in the day he didn’t want anyone watching them make boards because at that time he and his crew were still learning. Then he got an order for 2000 boards so he stepped out onto the street and asked anyone walking by if they’d like to learn how to shape. I really would like to hear some folks share anything on John Gillis - whoa. All in all it was worth the money and I’m really glad I have it - as Paul Kraus says: “I hope others will enjoy this unique view into the shapers world.”

Check out all the gold Velzy is wearing…classic.The true hero.