Shaper in Carlsbad, CA

How is it going everybody!

I am an aspiring shaper here in Carlsbad, CA.... and recently moved, which left me without a shaping shack. : ( I love shaping, and learning.... as well as surfing as much as possible. I'd like to find someone around the area to possibly shape with this way I can learn, shape, and chill at the same time. If anyone is willing to help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a ton.


Hi Buz I did not see this untill now. 

 If you have not already met someone here is a tip. Go down to leucadia and talk to the people at Surfy Surfy.

They are part of moonlight glassing and I am sure they can help you out.

Also try Warren Brown at Resin works in Escondido. He may have a an open bay in his factory

Thanks a ton Artz.... that helps out a lot.


 You are welcome Buz, Post some photos of your creation. Warren and I go way ,way back. The owner of Pure Fun in leucadia is also an old buddy. Hank has worked for almost everyone who has ever made boards in San Diego.  If you talk to Warren tell him Doug says hi  he is a great guy excellent glasser.

Check me out on Facebook... I have been posting some pics there. Thanks again man!!/DerekBrundage.Stunts

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 This might Bea long shot but who Knows? I have an old friend in Carlsbad that i would like to get in touch with. he would be about 60 now and a very good Longboard surfer. His name is Sander Toth. If you should happen to know him or hear his name let me Know. My name is Doug Mathis.  Another shaper in Oceanside you may want to check out is Bob Sakota. He was the head shaper for Donald Takayama. He is an incredible craftsmen make some very sweet Longboards.