Shaper in Detoit Mi. Area??

Any shapers out here in the detroit area??

with some practice and a couple of videos you could be a shaper from detroit. i dont imagine that there are many on that side of the state. i grew up in grand rapids and i am almost certain that modern skate and surf has a few shapers under there name.

heres what you do go to buy the 101 series of dvds and then read about the " 14 dollar blank thread."

Try the other side of the state- St. Joe area… there is Mr. Gerrard. That is not too far from you- 3 hours?

yeah try modern to, i know that they have a shaper

If you haven’t already, got to check out forms.

The place is totally dedicated to Great Lakes surfing + shaping.

Plus there is a small group of us lake surfers in the Detroit area who’ll meet up every once in a while.

Right now I’m about to start my first bodyboard projects for the spring surfing season.

Hope this helps, Jim