Shapers Australia - Balsa Blanks

Anybody shaped a board from one of these?



Nah, but I did look at them when I was cruising Shapers one day.

They’re an EPS core with quite a thick Balsa skin on them. Apparently you can shape this skin without going through to the EPS.

I’d like to know what they stick the balsa to the EPS with.

Sounds heavy…


Be careful, the EPS core will expand. The guy that I get my balsa blanks from in Ecuador said that he used to build his blanks with an EPS core but they would explode, so he no longer uses the EPS as a core he only builds hollow core. When shaping these blanks treat like a close tolerance blank, you don’t want to shape through the deck or bottom.



I’d say the tolerances will be so tight that you will be restricted to very slight shape changes from the “Blank”. It seems more like a 9/10 shaped board already.

If the wood gives you much more than 3mm leeway, I suggest they will be a)- Heavy, and b) - Expensive!

I’m not sure what range Shapers has in stock, but you will need to choose one close to what you want, because as its been suggested, getting spontaneous and cutting a wing, or deep concave, or more nose rocker, won’t be an option.

The “Explode” problem…definately needs a vent!

This is not to say that the Shapers blanks would’nt end up as a beautiful board, but you would have more control over your design choices if you start from scratch.

If you want to go with one of the blanks, insist on information on the inner glass scheme. A sandwich aint so great without inner glass.


You got it speedneedle!

Thanks fellas I was just about to buy one.

If you can design a board within the parimenters of these dimensions, why not? Seems to be plenty of room for the rails and an additional 1/2" can be added if needed. Worried about exspansion? Vent it. Another great idea from Shapers Aus.

check out

the same blanks are over $100 cheaper. looks like thats where gets their balsa blanks from.

Fair enough McDing, but it WILL be HEAVY!


Thanks for the feedback guys.

Think I’ll stick with this one :slight_smile: