Shapers Under 30?

So who is the next generation of Shapers and Board builders?  The young up and coming shapers and glasses that will guide the future of custom board building.

i was just having this conversation with a friend of mine; its crazy to think that the biggest names are starting to get up their in age. now is the time to learn all you can from such great men and turn it into your own, transform it and revolutionize past ideas to create something new!

Thing Tomo is under 30 or just made 30. He is on doing some different stuff outside the norm and his stuff works.

So far we have one name.  for someone that is in or around that age bracket.

If I were Rusty or Channel Island You can bet I would be looking for some young talent that would be willing to learn the craft of making boards

I would say Ryan Lovelace, Tyler Warren and Ryan Burch for sure. Maybe Dave Allee (of Almond fame) too.

I’ll be 29 for 2 more months…

We have quite a few young shaper’s on the Central Coast, Ca.  San Luis Obispo area. All make surfboards for a living.    

Shane Stoneman (36 ish?)

Gabe Loyd (35 ish?)

Nick Cooper (31)

Paul Finley (30 ish)


I’m 21 been shaping for 4 years now, making boards for myself and local friends. I would love to apprentice under some of the master craftsmen such as Jim Phillips, Terry Martin. Brian Hilbers, Gene Cooper and just learn half of what they know, but I am on the East Coast in Delaware haha. I plan on hand shaping boards as long as my body lets me!

Ian Zamora is the first Board Builder that comes to mind , shape , glass , sand , polish , all by him .


color work is top notch , does eps , epoxy , carbon , resin x , foils fins . Guy has some skills .


High performance rip stix - Hulls - all varieties of fish - mini sims - long boards .


Turned 34 today, or yesterday…been in the factory for 20 hrs. Happy bday Christmas rush.

i’m 20:)

and i’m 25… have a few boards under my belt but am shaping away!

Hey guys I think the OP wants to know about established influencial shapers not beginners lol. Kevincc of Spirare modestly posted in here, he’s got Tom Caroll and Carissa Moore riding his boards.

Hey Artz you remember Skip Miller, if so where is he now?

i always wanted to get into shaping when i was younger and there just weren't any incentives for established shapers to want to put on aprentices or whatever,im 28 now and after shaping my first board  start to finish im still keen to get into the surfboard industry just because i had a ball with my first one and i can only imagine how much more exciting it would be shaping with a bit of knowlage from a seasoned shaper would be,and having the knowlage and advice at hand to help let my imagination go wild on a peice of foam.


25 on board 80



I’m flattered to be mentioned and wanna throw in my chips for Ryan Burch.  More idea bubbles bursting around him than anyone I’ve met so far in my travels in/around young shaping culture.  


The best boards are always going to come from the guys searching for their own path within surfing; not chasing what that market is asking for.  






surfer guy I just viewed your web page looks like you have been giving some thought to what you produce  When i first posted this thread I had Burch in mind.  He has had some great support from Carl Ekstrom  Some of the others that have posted are doing some fine work actually thinking about the craft and how it moves in and on water.  Hope more out there can take advantage of the accumulated knowledge from those over 50.  Nobody has all the answers some are just figuring out the questions.

not under but right at 30. learned the process from my old man and his buddies. helped (watched) dad shape some of my boards as a grom and shaped the first on my own at 17. i am honored to carry on the tradition…


thanks for taking the time to give it a look-see!

I’m hoping that shapers in the age bracket can rise above the influence of media and big brands and really drive their own ideas into fruition; guys aren’t heroes or legends because they learned how to do what their hero did and emulated the image of it perfectly, they are legends because they forged their own path.  following their footsteps is nice and deserved but isn’t what will make surfing better for all of us.  


How old  is Steve Coletta’s son?