Shapes & designs that can't be glassed

Ok all of you experienced glassers. I need to know just what is a “pain” or just not practical to glass when it comes to a funky surfboard design innovation. I’m getting ready to shape an experimental hybrid board with a unique design in the bottom tail area. Without giving it all away (in case I get famous from the design one day, HA!), I’ll be implementing something that would involve a rather abrupt rise in the rear bottom tail area,(vague I know). There may be some “edges” and “slopes” to deal with that aren’t in the typical areas of most boards. I just want to know what crazy new shapes/ designs can’t be glassed with the typical 2 layers on deck and 1 layer on bottom. Since I don’t glass myself, for me a swallow tail and deep bottom channels would seem very difficult. Anyone out there ever have to glass a real difficult design?

someone, ages ago, said more concaves, more lift, faster boards, maybe hit a blank with a ball pien hammer (think golf ball). now that would be hard to glass, but I’m still giving it some thought. also, I’m building a board for a guy that wants me to do a nose inlay with fishnet stocking material with a nudie in the middle (FREEEEK). I think this could prove difficult to glass not to mention going shopping for “the biggest pair of fishnet ya got”. I’ll let you know how that goes.

There is a glass weave called Conform which will glass vertually anything. I supply a certain well known theme park (I’m not allowed to say which one) with resin. They make the faces of the charaters that walk around the park using our resin and Conform cloth. You know, those faces that are sometimes grumpy or dopey or bashful looking. If there is anything even remotely as difficult as those in the surf world I’d like to see it.

A 5 or 8 harness satin will contour a lot better than plain weave fiberglass. Sluggo

I have found that u shapes are hard to glazz because resin drains down on both sides and fills in the u shape. It takes some patience and timing to get it to the same as the original shape. Also ive noticed that anything that transitions from a big curve to a sharp flat edge takes a lil patience also. These are just from personal experinces. Im sure with a lil effort you can get those hard contours glassed. …if the glass tries to pull away while you are running it down another edge. try to hold tight with one squeegie and smooht with another. Kinda hard to explain, but good luck.

I took my edge board in to be glassed last week. The “kid” (probably in his mid to late 20’s) that helped me took one look and said “No way, man. Can’t be done.” I told him that I knew that the bottom of the edge could be reshaped or filled and that I would take it back and do it. He still said “No way”. Bob Mitzven (50 years old or so) wandered in and took a look and said, “Interesting. I think we can do something.” We talked for a few and he put it in the shaping bay. Lesson: maybe it takes some experience to look at problems as a challange rather than an impossibility. Thank goodness for old farts…

Old Fart? I meet that category.Its more politicaly correct to say"Friggin old Geezer" or perhaps “Cranky old Bastard”.You can glass any shape on the planet…it just takes time and a little forward vision) R. Brucker

Howzit Roger, Speaking of Geezers, There’s a new line of surfwear named “Geezer”. They have trunks that are cut above the knees and fit extremely well. I traded some repair work for a couple of pairs and they’re great. Aloha, Kokua

Thanks Kokua,I heard about em and the fact that they fit well over “Depends” undergarment diapers. R.B.