Shaping Barrel Compatibility (Planer to Planer)

Anyone know if the Shaper’s AU shaping barrel for the Hitachi Clark Modified PSB20 is compatible with the Skil 100 & Accurate JN planers? 

I would say no, the skil barrel is 3’’ wide, the hitachi is 3 1/4’’ wide. They also use different bearings. Ive been wanting to get a barrel for my skil for a while now (preferbly the spiral one at foam ez) but no one seems to make em anymore. Maybe it a blessing in disquise they are expensive and they put more load on the motor which probably decrease the life of it


Nope.  Different sized barrel for the Skil.  A even if you had a Skil barrel it would not be compatible with the Accurate.   I was told someone tried this and had an issue.

No and No.  Good luck finding one for a Skil and you will in all likly-hood never find one for an Accurate.  I heard some shapers say they liked the ones Pleskuna did because they didn't heat up as much.  Bruce Jones has a website where he sells planers.  He might have one for a Skil. 
Expect to pay top dollar.    You might be better of buying a Hitachi with the barrel installed already.  Shapers Aus. had that set up for awhile.

interesting. The guys at Accurate say the Skil 100 shaping barrel fits their planer. They were telling me they just fitted a JN1 & JN2 planer for a pro with aussie barrels.They recommend you send in your barrels to be outfitted, but that reasoning is mainly to reduce vibration and noise. They basically use loctite and let it sit overnight according to the sales staff. 

already have a clark foam with aussie barrel. But it’s better for shorties. I need to mow some long stuff, and it’s everything but PU foam. Want that accurate. Busted my ass this summer, that plane will likely hold its value.

I looked at Bruce’s website, and I even called his shop and spoke with him about the old cyclone barrels couple weeks ago. For the money he’s asking for the Skils, you might as well buy an Accurate. Ebay too, and you don’t know the true condition, just a bunch of die-hards willing to throw cash at it in the high hundreds. Jones probably really nices them up. But seriously, the Accurate is almost entirely aircraft aluminum. Can’t afford a CNC setup, and taking 60 grit to EPS isn’t realistic. 


If your patient and on it you can get decent skil 100’s on ebay for under 400 and even real nice ones for 500. Over the last couple years Ive purchased 2 skil 100s 7.5 amp in almost perfect condition for $500 each. You wanna look out for cracks in the housing and ones that look like theyve been abused. But other than that from what ive heard they can last forever. If you get one you can clean it up real nice, repaint or beadblast it, replace the cord,belt,bearings,brushes, polish the bottom and she good as new. The accurate is very very nice, but lets see if those motors last 50 to 60 years like the skil motors. Nothing like old built in the U S of A . Id rather have two skils.

Holy Cow! -“dtb”, you’re right: I found a never before used Skil 100 7.5 amp on ebay today, original case, etc. Score, 1/2 the cost of an Accurate! -Check it:

I saw that one, probably one of the nicest Ive ever seen and for 650 i was tempted to get it. I had to fight myself. So did you get, hope so you willnt find better than that.

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yep, bought it. Wanted to hold myself back and pay no more than $500 for one, but this thing must’ve sat in a time capsule. Did Skil produce a vac exhaust attachment for this unit?

NO------------- ; Steve Boehne at Infinity made  one for awhile but no longer.  You can come up with something on your own if you get creative.

Ya your stoked, if a brand new accurate is $1250, then a pretty much brand new skil is def worth $650, you wouldnt get it for $500 some else would of bought it. Accurate sells a nice vac attachment, but I think there like 150 bucks. If your crafty (kinda have to be to shape surfboards) you can make something pretty easy, pretty cheap. I personally don’t use a vac attachment.  I can’t stand that hose flyin around, it brings out my bad temper. Id rather wear a mask and sweep. Plus all the foam on the floor kind of gives you cusion, lol.

There is a post by this guy, but some of the pics don’t come through (is it because I’m browsing on Chrome?):


I wear a mask and a vac attachment. Being a stone mason and tile setter by trade, the microns of sh*t in the air, the off-gassing coming off the foam…I’ve adopted a resiprator policy at all times regardless of extraction/ejection. There are easier and more fun ‘exit strategies’ in life than lung & brain disorders.

Really thats what I do for a living, tile and marble setter. Ya I just recently started wearing a mask when mixing thinset and mortar, all those polymers and other shit can’t be good to breath in. Though most of the time I don’t have to mix my own mud, I should make my helper wear a mask too.When I’m shaping I usually just wear a good dust mask, but you think the foam is releasing gas. If thats true I will prob start wearing my respirator. I need to be safer while im young.