shaping DVD'S??

i want to expand and start to shape…repairs and glassing i know…shaping i dont… i have several friends who are famous shapers and i hang in there bay and talk story and pick up a few tid bits here and there…but i dont want to be running back and forth asking question after question as i labor over my first blank…there seems to be some shaping DVD’s out there any recomendations.??..also what do i look for when purcasing a blank …i plan on a longboard… traditional regular rocker…50/50 rails…squash tail…concave nose…my plan is just …to do a knock -off of a board in my quiver …MAHALO

I’ll admit a little bias here. Jim Phillips taught me a great deal of what I know about shaping technique. But hopefully my credibility outweighs that bias when I recommend his ‘’ Master Shaper’’ DVD as the best one out there.

I second that!

mahalo…that was the one dvd that caught my eye…by the way…bitchin tailblock and all around nice lookin tail in the photo avatar…ALOHA

The Phillips dvd is the best for sure. Everyone should have it. Beginner and pro. But, for a first dvd I prefer the JC shaping. It’s more step by step. A better teaching dvd. The Phillips dvd is great after doing a few boards. However, if you’ve been watching a lot of boards being shaped you may not need the step by step approach. Mike

Jim Phillips. I don’t know if there’s a better one since his video is the only one I’ve ever seen. Why would you need to know anything more that what Jim has to say?

I would get both of his though to get the full story.

Here’s my Jim Phillips shaped custom chambered pintail. So you could say I’m biased too.