shaping eye wear for contacts?

I’d like to keep the flying foam dust out of my contacts. Anybody got a recommendation on goggles? Swim goggles? Or something from HomeDepot?

BTW, I just got soft bifocals and I can’t see squat at any distance with them, but up close shaping they are a dream. Way better than wearing glasses. Very comfortable, not near the problems with hard contacts.

Not sure if they would work, but have you thought about ski/snowboard/motocross goggles? Good visibility, double lenses, breathable, good seal. Clear lenses, or even yellow or orange lenses to increase contrast. Board foam dust is scratchy shit, and seems to be static too. Good on you, protect your eyes, they’re the only ones you’ve got!

I haven’t tried it yet but I have always wanted to try the thin full face shield that people use to grind. I have tried lab goggles (fog up), safety glasses (pieces still get in), and various other goggles that invariably fog or are very uncomfortable. Anyone else find something that really works please let me know.

Moto goggles work ok. You have to take the foam off the vents to keep them from fogging. Seems like if they breath good enough to not fog up, foam will get in. No fog lenz cleaner will help.

In our labs at work we wear Spartan 400 clear glasses by Uvex. $2-4 per pair. Light, comfortable, very little space for foam dust to get in. Beats goggles hands down.

Fogging is a principle issue. I’m with Rob all the way.

Gone Surfin’, Rich


I have always hated wearing close fitting eyewear and or goggles while shaping or sanding boards or performing shiprite tasks. Check out this link. There are other companies that produce a similar product. Cool, no fog, no dust, light weight.

Check out this link,

Regards, Tim Bowler

Shapes and Hulls

And only $275.00!

Try the Spartan 400 (clear); it’s as comfortable as any sunglass and safe enough for OSHA and the FDA. You’d have to try hard or really do something stupid to get foam dust behind them. Can’t beat the price.

where can we get those spartans?

Hook up the vaccum attachment to your power planer. That won’t solve all the problems but it sure makes a heck of a difference. I sometimes use goggles while doing manual work, but they do tend to fog. Safety glasses won’t fog but once in a while a bit of foam can get around them. There’s no perfect solution, I don’t think…

Check out the Uvex Stealth Goggles, we’ve had great feed back on them. A dust collection system is a must, but so are good goggles. Good luck and keep your vision clear!

I use the uvex stealth, nice adjustment, comfortable, inexpensive. when i’m not grinding/sanding i use them for softair skirmishes, so they resist impacts as well. I think they can resist big foam particles too.

IF you wear contact now you may want to look at CRT lenses. They’re new technology based on an old idea. Wearing lenses which reshape your cornea.

You wear these lenses at night, take’m out in the morning and see clear all day without needing anything.

I’ve been wearing them for a year and they have been amazing. I have 20-20 vision, about the same as my contacts.

All good stuff. I’ll try some of the low cost options first. And SCGary, thx for the tip about CRT lenses. I’ll check them out.