Shaping/Glassing in Apartment Garage

I'm moving into an apartment shortly that has a garage, which i would like to set up a board making room in, as my parents are kicking me out of the space where I have been making boards because of the dust/smell.

There is another apartment (not mine) directly above our garage with a concrete floor. Do you think shaping/sanding noise would resonate through the concrete floor (it's a 70s built unit block so i would assume it would be at least 200mm thick slab). I am planning on partitioning a room within the room to soundproof from the outside, but the soffit of the slab above is pretty low, meaning i don't have any room to create an air space off the ceiling.

My other issue is with removing fumes. What would be the most effective (ie cheapest) way to remove resin fumes from my encapsule without drowing out everone elses apartments in resin fumes. How much better would it be to glass with epoxy for this reason? I haven't used it yet. Do you have to hot coat with poly anyway if you're using epoxy? 

Any ideas on a "close neighbour friendly" setups would be appreciated.





epoxy. epoxy h.c… or

-ignore your parents, and just keep glassing at their house. otherwise build room for smell proof foremost, and soundproofing second.


-Info on smell scrubbers can be found on internet with a search for chemical scrubbers, carbon filters, etc. some have been discussed here.

-sound proofing is easist by building a room within a room. I.E. frame up and build in a room within your garage dimensions, then space another about 6" within the outer’s perimeter. You can also reinforce the walls only with soundproofing insulate and insulation. 

Shaping is loud enough to get past common walls and ceilings.  There’s no getting around that.  You might be able to schedule your planer use to when they’re gone at work or out shopping, or maybe spring for dinner at a restaurant and shape while they’re gone.  


As for glassing, the epoxies I’ve used put off almost no smell at all.  It’s arguably a better material to use in terms of strength, too.  It is more time consuming and it can be a little tricky to work with, but nothing you can’t deal with.  The big downside for most people is it’s harder to get the pretty finishes.  

if you use uv powder with your resin it will dramticly decrese the amount of voc’s the poly resin produces, i used to be in the same situation as you and the one time i didnt use the uv powder was the only time i got a complant

Man, I'm glad I no longer own rentals.

Tar paper your floors. Resin's a real bitch to grind off concrete.

You're going to have to work exclusively with epoxy.  People, specially women, will smell polyester resin fumes no matter how hard you try to filter them out.

Storing combustbles in that garage is another thing that can potentially get you in trouble. 

If you are renting an apartment with garage you will be evicted before you get your first board finished!!!!!!!!!1 Apartments are for people to live in and garages for parking in. Building surfboards will invalidate your landlords insurance !!!!!!!! Infact it will invalidate your parents home owners insurance unless they pay for a rider to cover makeing surfboards !!!

I bought the apartment, not renting it, so no issues with landlords. Issues with other owners/tennants - likely.

I buy my resin on an as needed basis, so i wouldn't be storing it as such.

It's sounding like it's not going to work, and I have to pass it by the Mrs first anyway!

As for invalidating my parents insurance are you sure about this? I'm not carrying on a business, I am only a hobby shaper - surely if this was the case, than any diy project involving any chemical at all would invalidate home insurance? 

Back to square one - convincing the parents to let me build a shed down the back of their house!