shaping machines

Are there any inexpensive surf board design software and machines out there other than KKL?

How much do you want to spend? [wink]

no more than $10,000 for a one board machine.

Sorry, can’t help. Ask stan about a profiler machine. [smile]

What is the difference between a shaping machine and a profiling machine?

Profiling machines cut top and bottom rocker contours. Computer driven shaping machines are capapble of cutting all of the countours; top, bottom, rails, vee, concaves, etc. And the actual machine is only part of this major expense - you have to have the software to make it go! This is what I use. It is very affordable. The software I use is called VectorCam. It is not designed with surfboards in mind, but it is very easy to use after a little practice.

Kenz, Do you use vector cam and the ShopBot together? Does it make complete surfboards etc?

Yeah, I use VectorCam to design the surfboard. VectorCam then generates the file that the Shopbot uses to machine the board. I create one file for the top of the board, and one for the bottom. I run the file to shape the bottom, and then flip the blank over and run the top. Even though VectorCam isn’t specifically designed for making surfboards, if you make a few cross-sections, it will generate any design you want, including channels, any kind of rail you want, etc.

Kenz, What sort of hold-down system are you using? Do you have any pics of your setup that you could post? Kirk

I use double sided tape, but I know others that have made a simple vacuum hold down with a shop vac. The machine cuts through the foam like it’s nothing, so not a lot of hold down force is necessary. The way I do it is not the best way to do it. If I were to start shaping more than a few boards a year, I would make a jig that holds the blank at the nose and at the tail, and registers with the table. That way it stays in a consistent plane regardless of rocker or deck curve. If I ever make one of these jigs, I’ll post some pictures.