shaping music

I know this question has been asked. The last post like this in the search was from like two years ago so. What’s everybody listening to while your shaping or out in the garage fooling around. For me it’s jane’s Addiction, 90’s hip hop, sublime,

We had a fun thread about this more recently than 2 years ago, I believe. Anyway, in my CD player (yeah, I know that’s prehistoric) right now: Ry Cooder - “Bop 'til you drop”, a Nick Lowe compilation, a Clash compilation, The Pogues - ''Hell’s Ditch", and a Bob Marley compilation.

Man… this is a tough one. I like to listen to all sorts of music while I’m shaping.

Pepper ( These guys ROCK! From Big Island Hawaii)

Bob Marley of course… some Slightly Stoopid, The Supervillians, uhhmm Passafire too.

Then maybe mix it up with some Swollen Members and 50 Cent,

THEN I’ll really turn it up and throw down some Black Label Society, Amon Amarth, Trivium and Metallica.

Cover the whole specturm! haha.

2 Live Crew - “Dirty Nusery Rhymes”


pepper does rock! im digging on the dirty heads. but i listen to all sorts of stuff. like Asher Roth, to A day to Remember. tho when im shaping im usually not listening to music.

Try the recent Ry Cooder Anthology—“The UFO Has Landed”. Covers the Snta Monica Native thru the years.

Buju Banton,til shilo.Then a little hatebreed and some propain,then crappy radio for a while.

I’m bringing this back up to the front of the stack. Reason being maybe I can turn some of you “young-uns” onto some of the best music that ever was or ever will be. The first example being Fleetwood-Mac. Four original members touring the US this early summer. Sad part is that Christine McVie has had enough drama for one lifetime and will pass on this tour as she did the last one a couple of years ago. Since Christines’ arrival she has always contributed at least 1/3 of the songwriting and vocals to Fleetwood -Mac. Not to mention fantastic keyboards. The foursome will be guitar driven by Lindsey Buchingham(one of the most ignored finger pickers in the biz and always ranking somewhere in Rolling Stone Magazines top 100 guitarists). Stevie Nicks will contribute the songs that she has written and co-written as well as vocals with Buckingham. I saw Mick Fleetwood with a blues band he put together this past winter here on Maui and they were great. Doing songs like “Black Magic Woman” which Fleetwood-Mac wrote. The “Bigge” though for the summer of "09 is The Blind Faith Tour. Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood(original members) teamed up with Willie Weeks(sp) and Chris Stainton of Joe Cockers’ Grease Band. They’ll do Cuts from the one and only Blind Faith album as well as stuff from Claptons career and some “Traffic” tunes from Winwood. They are touring thru June. West Coast–Denver, Phoenix, Oakland and the Hollywood Bowl. Chance of a lifetime. Probably never happen again! I’ve had that song “Had to Cry Today” on looped tape in my head for the last few days. If you are not familiar with this music do your self a favor; Tune in and Turn on to it. Lowel

Currently on my iPod in my shaping favorites playlist.

Walter Trout, Robin Trower, Sonny Landreth, Guitar Shorty, Melvin Taylor & the Slack Band, Ana Popovic, The Nimmo Brothers, Alvin Lee, Joanne Shaw Taylor, (Jimmy Hall, Lloyd Jones, and Tommy Castro), John Mayall, Eric Clapton, Steve Miller Blues Band, Taj Mahal, and Elmore James. I guess I got the blues!

Robin , I was watching some R. Trower on You tube the other night and i discovered Joe Bonamassa !

He’s got me playing my gat again , he’s that good !

Aloha NuclearFishin:

Mahalo for reminding me, Joe Bonamassa is definitely on my playlist, forgot to mention him, the guy is amazing, especially the live stuff!

Hanna Montana, Jonas Brothers, when I am feeling nostalgic, NSYNC, when I am feeling really old school, New Kids on the Block.

what, no Hansen!?

Try some Hawaiian slack key and/or slide guitar…

Several years ago this same question popped up and I (being a smartass) said I listened to the theme song from the old TV show called “Green Acres”. Well a day passed and folks started posting messages saying they could not get this lame ass song out of their heads. It was sung by Eddie Albert and can be found on Utube. Friggin thing is in my head AGAIN!!! Lord help me. “Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen Acres is the place to be…faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarm livin is the thing for me” You are now hooked. Have fun!

I’m starting to lean toward WEREWOLVES OF LONDON.

Hey Bill! I’ve got a Warren Zevon’s Greatest and and it of course has Werewolves and A song called Lawyers, Guns and Money on it. What a sense of humor and imagination that man had. Too bad he’s gone. Saw him on David Letterman just a few weeks before he died. One of those guys whose songs were covered by many others, who was not only appreciated by his fans but his contemporaries (like Linda Rhonstant and Mick Jagger) as well. Lowel


No truer sentiment has ever been penned than '‘Send lawyers, guns, and money, ‘cause the shit has hit the fan!’’ I always liked that song.

hey jeff. heres a question " what music do you listen to when your writing music"

none of course except what your playing. i feel the same way about shaping and most other handcraft

the planer is music


Sonic Youth -  “Unmade Bed”