Shaping shop complete, Thanx!

Thanx to all who shared info on the how too’s of building a proper shaping room. Mine is not perfect but more than enough for a hobbyist like myself. I enjoyed the process and am now ready to get busy. Thanx again!

Sorry, all the pics didn’t make it.

Shop looks awsome! Hope you have a blast making a mess in it!!

What!!! no vacuum, no girlie posters, no resin outlines on the floor…get with the program mate!!! :-))

I’d suggest putting black plastic down for the drips…

Nice shop though…

great shop mate!

sweet shop!!! im jealous… Best of luck with it!

Yes, I’m jealous too… good looking place!

Good luck for your work!

What a treat to have such a nice place to shape.

I agree with the other guys. I’m super jealous.

I live on a ridiculously small lot and daydream of having room

for a shed like that but it’s not going to happen.

Best of luck.

Nice. Every man’s dream: to have a little corner of the world all to himself. Have fun!

Are you going to pad the stands with some carpet or foam?



I’d suggest putting black plastic down for the drips…

Oh yeah, those foam dust drips can be nearly impossible to clean up…!!!..

I know, I know, I know, I know, I know what you were suggesting…!!!..

You Wozzies…

Put the padding and the carpet on the racks today. Both side lights and over head lights are on seperate switches.

Researching ventilation now.

I think you are going to like the separate switches. It’s amazing at how much more you can see when you light up one side only. I always inspect concaves by that method. If it looks good under that lighting…it’s good.