shaping tent for apartments and indoor shaping.

Anyone ever made a shaping tent for shaping inside an apartment?

For me at the moment its either make a tent for that or rent a house.

Keen to hear from anyone who made some sort of indoor shaping room.

It has morphed and evolved a bit but you get the basics.

I dont shape in a tent .
But I have a 9’ x 6’ greenhouse tent that I sand in.
The dust stays in there and then I just vacuum it up.
Cost me 60bucks.

Thanks fellas.

I put up 6 mil clear plastic on the walls of my garage at one point. Easy cleanup when other stuff in the garage needed to get done



Kill, ahem “shaping” room

I shape and glass in my livingroom. I live in a one bdrm apartment, just tarped off kitchen, keep bedroom closed. Oh, and I am pretty much stoned-cold crazy. But it works. All my shit is covered in dust. I don’t recommend it. But I still do it. Just sayin’.

I have been thinking the same thing. It’s probably cheaper and faster to buy a tent. You can get a large tent , say 12’ x 10’ x 8’ tall for around $200 usd.Instant shaping room and it’s mobile and has multiple uses.