hi, i just graduated as an industrial designer (5 years of my life!) and im really interested in shaping boards as a profesional and life option. I live in Colombia , SA so our knowledge and proximity about surfboard design is very limited, almost unexisting, and i really dont know how to get started. Im very interested in travelling to USA, maybe Florida (it would be cheaper) to investigate and get some knowledge about shaping. Do you know about any really good shaping lessons, or shapers that will be happy to have an unconditional assistant-student ??? or even bibliography??? thanks and good luck v

I would get a copy of shaping 101 by John Carper or better yet, Jim Phillips has a video out that I have not seen yet, but I have only heard very good things about(I would opt for the latter). I believe damascus productions are the ones producing the video(or dvd).Jim Phillips is doing the shaping. He’s been in the business over 40 years. The other video,Shaping 101,Is really basic. It covers basic tools, and shaping tecnique’s. Not a bad beginners video, but I would pay a little more and get Jim’s video. I’m sure it is a lot more detailed.