Share some EPS?

I’m about to buy a 2 pound EPS billet 24" x 48" x 96" for $363.00

Anybody want to split it?  In the West S.F. Valley up to Santa Barbara?

Either that, or does anybody in the area want to sell me some?

Mods, Is this the right forum for this?  If not, please put it where it should be.


I’d be interested if you didn’t live in LA. Too far south…

Have you considered XPS? Check your PMs.

I LOVE the stuff. If only I could get some more.

Oh, and, before you try to correct my geography, here is how we up here view you guys down there:

Anything south of Santa Barbara is L.A. except for the tiny sliver of San Diego just before you get to Tijuana.

And Oregon says the same thing about anything south of Humbolt!

PM coming

hahahahahaha TRUE!

I just think of SD as Baja LA.

Anyway, what yah gonna do with the eps? Insulate one of your home builds?  Mike


Everybodys favorite builder uses EPS, and since I’m copying everything else they do, I figured I’d copy their blanks also.  Chuck Burns told me to.

Copy’n is good.  How else yah gonna learn? Mike

Yeah and those that do say that are all transplants from So. Calif.  The worst locals whereever you are always turn out to be from So. Cal.

I never told you that.

You and Chuck now sharing Swaylock’s handles now Lowel? 'Cause Chuck is the greatest shaper ever.  I know it because he told me so!

Yeah.  Everything I have done and said on this website for the past Ten Years is complete Bullshit    Never shaped or glassed a surfboard.  Never met or conversed with people I said I have.  Never spent time on Maui or in the Tillamook County lock-up.  Don’t know shit about any of this stuff…  Learned it all on the Inter-Web.  Have used multiple alias’s on this site and others.  The name  I use to sign off with is a take- off on a 19th century American poet.  I hope I haven’t given anyone bad advise over the years.  Before the Inter-web;  I read it in a magazine.  Chuckie

Chucky, you saying you are McDing also? No wonder you two are such pals. Who else do you log in as? Huie?