sharpies on blank?

bad idea?..

I cant find waterbased paint pens in my town.

How about mail order?

BTW, since they are made in Japan, if you have a Japanese stationary shop or a Kinokunia bookstore or something in your area, you might give them a call.

Howzit shores, You don’t say where you are located but Fiberglass hawaii has 800 phone numbers that you could call them and have Posca pens mailed to you. If you aren’t in Hawaii or Ca. just find a phone book for Santa Cruz or Santa Barbara,Ca. Aloha,Kokua

kokua: im in Canada… not exactly the shaping epicenter of planet earth. My town does have a michael’s, but they only have $26.99 gold or silver paintpens.

I have a bunch of sharpies laying around the house and I’m just wondering if anyones tried using these on the blanks?..

Don’t do it. A guy brought a couple boards over to the factory the other day to have them laminated. He had drawn all over the boards with sharpies, the ink ran and bled all over the board when it was glassed. Looked like crap. -Carl


Hey shores… ya, sharpies run under a lot of different stuff. I’ve tried them on longskates before I finish the wood, and I’ve had probs with the colors, especially red, running.

Yeah, sharpies run. I think it’s because they use solvent thinned ink, whereas the Posca pens use a water based ink. The styrene in resin dissolves the Sharpie ink…

You CAN just use watercolor paint in about any kind of dispenser you want, starting with your fingers, a castoff bit of foam rubber (hardware stores sell foam brushes), paintbrushes, rag, and so on.

 Howzit shores, I think michael's carry Zig Pens which will work and they only cost about $ 3.00 USA, just make sure they are the pigment ink pens. Sharpies will bleed because they're alcohol based. Aloha, Kokua

Has anybody tried the water based sharpies?

One of the few advantages of where I’m at is easy access to POSCA pens. I can get a POSCA 8 pen set of the larges for about $21 and a set of the smalls for $17… check one of the previous links for a comparison. I wouldn’t mind throughing a few in envelopes and shipping 'em out… as long as it didn’t get too out of hand. The only kicker is is the 2-3 week shipping time.

Should I move this to swaylock’s stores? I’d be happy to tack, say, %10 on every order and donate it to swaylocks.