Sheet Balsa wood Supplies

Hey again,

This question is more for the oz boys, im looking to get me some sheet balsa on the east coast. Any ideas for suppliers that are not gonna destroy my wallet?

Thanks guys

Hey Moonfish,

I am at the start of my first compsand as well (been at the start for a long time now tho).

I just got my balsa from bunnings for the bottom skin so far.

Doug put me onto these guys tho who might be a good option.



Thanks for the info scot, i didnt realise bunnings had balsa, did you get it from bunnings in tweed or up the coast further? What did it sting ya for the bottom so far? I had a look at the website too, it seems like a good option to buy through them. But i really wanna get started now so maybe i’ll get the first boards layers from bunnings.

How long you been working on yours for? what are you making? how you going with it?(it’s 20 questions time)

What are you using to vacuum it?

Thanks Heaps again mate.


I got mine from the burleigh store. its in the craft section.

from memory it was just over $30 for 10 or so pieces of 2.5mm. also supply it

I met a guy in the surf one day who said i could get it off him at kirra somewhere but i never got his details and havnt seen him again.

Also there are a few hobby stores that stock it, but usually not enuff. toyworld might have some too.

good luck

i have been planning and getting supplies/knowledge for about a year now :slight_smile: .

still working on a vac system, but i have a few old vac cleaners and stuff to test with.

i just have no time at the moment to get into the shed and play.

i am doing a 6’2 rounded pin which was what i usually rode before i got a fish.

what are you building and where do you usually surf?


Great! im gonna go get some tomorrow.

Well, usually i surf just around the back beaches at cabba, hastings and pottsville. Some nice little spots that don’t get too crowded(except cabba).

I have a surftech McTavish fish that i ride most of the tome so was thinking i would cut a template as close as i can to that.

Plus it will help me to compare the differences in materials etc when i finish it and take it out.

I bought a Busch vac pump it’s great(cost a small fortune) i’ve used it to repair my snapped surftech mal and a few damaged spots on my fish. It makes it a crap load easier, very happy i bought it now. I made a blog of it if you wanna see

I was thinking…im still new to the whole compsand stuff but im learning pretty fast and if you at all wanted to bring your gear around i could vacuum up the skins for ya and get em ready for putting on your shape? It will get you closer to riding it and help me to get more experience. But it’s your baby so it’s totally your call, offers there tho anytime.

By the way my name is Shannon, people call me shan tho.


hey scot

i wouldnt mess around with vac cleaners

you need either a rotary pump or a small diaphragm pump

A VACUUM CLEANER can only be used to get out most of the air first if you have a low volume diaphragm pump

you can get the vac controller switches and gauges from irrigation supplies

they should also have the brass manifold fittings

check out for everything you need to know about pumps

i use proper bagging film and mastic as the simplest and cheap approach

i find connectors a pain in the ass

so the mastic is what i use