I’m glad to announce that Bethany Hamilton went surfing yesterday. She paddled out at inside reef rights at Rock Quarry. It was unbelievable, she paddled out and caught waves and surfed like nothing was wrong. She must have been practicing 1 handed get ups because it looked like she’s been doing it forever. It actually looked like she gets to her feet faster than when she had both arms. The waves were head high and she ripped it apart. I think we all have to admit that this is amazing when you consider the shark attack that took her arm was just 4 weeks ago. Just goes to show what Prayers, determination,and alot of guts can do. Three cheers for Bethany. Aloha, Kokua

Outstanding! Praise the Lord. Bethany was a topic of conversation at our family gathering yesterday. I had concerns about paddling and duck diving but reiterated that one handed push up and riding would probably not be too much of a problem for her at her level. Get back on that horse… Go Bethany! Mike

That arm that’s gone touches more than we can know. Not in my wildest imagination did I expect to hear such news of recovery in so incredibly short a time. It is said that overcoming adversity builds character but she brings far more to her circumstance than nearly everyone. Stand tall, be proud, and ride the wild surf. You are an example to us all. Thanks Bethany, you will always be my heroine. Mahalo, Rich

That is absolutely terrific! If you are reading this Bethany, Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Bethany is one tough kid.Charging back out there.That’s guts pure and simple. Happy to hear that she is back out there riding waves.Amazing.

Have you seen alan mccray kneeboard big sunset!! he’s been doing it for years an incredible story of soul and inspiration.he also makes unreal kneeboards !!Check out his bio and website at BlastHawaii.com he lost his arm and eye to cancer many years ago.you have to check out this incredible human !!!

AMAZINGGGG!!! I should only hope I will have such courage and positive attitude should something as traumatic happen to me. Good going Beth.

I used to see this guy charge J-Bay that had lost his leg to Cancer. Unfortunately the cancer had spread through the rest of his body, He surfed till he could no more. Like Bethany and all the others out there in a similar situation. It shows true character. This is their world the rest of us just live in it.

she was on “Good Morning America” yesterday am.She truly has an amazing spirit and attitude considering what has happened-hard to believe such an outlook on life is coming from a 13 year old-STOKED!!

The last time I mentioned Bethany, someone sort of gave me the business for dwelling upon the subject…To that person, all I have to say is … just look at that, 'eh!!! Now isn’t this worth “dwelling” upon for just a bit?! Glorious! (Truly!). I see more subjects beat like a dead horse around here (and for a LOT longer [many not worth the room, and with a lot of negative flavor]) and then I hear about this girl who loses her arm to a shark attack and is surfing - already - in the span of a month. If anything is worthy of paying attention to, right now, it is this. A story which transcends any garbage you usually hear hyped (or stuff you see on a “movie of the week” - or some similar [bogus] melodrama). This is the real deal…a young human spirit with “mana” rising to the occasion. This thanksgiving gift is for ALL of us. Pau. much aloha, T.

maybe you (since you started this thread) will compile all the positive Swaylocks posts on Bethany and forward in an e-mail to her website?

Yes!!!I am so proud of the kid- not only for her but for all people who might be seen as disabled but can do and enjoy pretty much anything.

Great stuff Bethany, you have shown more courage than most people show in a life time, l dont think that l would have the guts to headbutt those demons like you have, truly amazing for anyone to do. By the sounds of things your surfing has’nt suffered to much apart from the obvious, l lost my left eye when l was 20 years old (due to a surfboard)it took three months before they let me back in the water and when l finally got back in it was like learning to surf all over again because of the balance thing, l thought that might be the case with your arm gone but the body is an amazing tool and can adjust itself with a lot of help from a positive attitude, which obviously you have, Good luck with your dreams and keep surfing It’s amazing what a true love for surfing can do for the spirit. KR http://groups.msn.com/MyKRSurf/krcomweb.msnw

Howzit John, Good idea, did it yesterday. Aloha, Kokua