Shipping from SD to Florida

I have a guy who wants me to ship him two boards (One already made, one going to be made) from SD to Florida…Anyone know what carrier would be best to go with, and also does anyone have a BALLPARK cost that I could expect? Thanks…


I am getting a board from the Santa Barbara area and I am paying somewhere in the $100.00-$120.00 range…the shaper I am getting it from says he has never had a problem with his shipper(damage…ect…) but I don’t know who he uses…? I live on the gulf coast of Fla. Hope this helps a little…

Greyound Buslines are really cheap.Google “greyound express”.THey have an online culculater.I sell furniture on Ebay and I really like them.

TenOver… I think Greyhound will only take boards in under 7’-6" or something like that. Pilot Air Freight Corp has good knowledge of shipping surfboards. Here is their # 858-693-0071. they are in the Miramar area.

Thanks guys…Both of these board are under 7’6"…Under 6’2" actually. I’ll try both of those suggesstions.

Under 6’2" FedEx will work. I had a 6’6" shipped to me once from FL to MD. Overnight shipping. Can’t beat it.


I’ve used Pilot Freight to ship some of my collectible 60’s logs. They do great work, and the one time i had a problem with damage, the made it right, and paid the claim with no hassles.

There another outfit called they source the best price. Lot’s of the shippers if you can ship from business to business, or cross dock to cross dock you can really cut down the price of the residential to residential rate.