Shop made tools: Scribe

So here we go with another try on this post.

I wanted to post a few pictures of some cheap, but very helpful tools that can be easily made. They have proven to be worth the effort in terms of accuracy and ease of operation. I’m sure there are many more designs and ways to do things, but these have worked well for me.

The scribe, or marking gauge, in the pictures was made with scrap wood from my shop. The metal, the bolt, and the thumbscrew were bought cheap at Home Depot. Any hardware store should have them. The holes for the bolt and thumbscrew were drilled out then tapped with an inexpensive tap from a local lumber store.

In operation, two hands should used to keep things steady. (I had to hold the camera with my other hand). You can also clamp in a razor blade instead of a pencil if you want to cut tape.

I use it to scribe a faint line on the edge of the board so I have a good line for my first run of tape for pinlines.

I have few more pictures to follow. I hope these will be helpful. Doug

I’d say your first project should be a key board! :slight_smile:

A scribe is someone who writes things down for someone else. I think Doug broke his as it’s not working.

Back to the drawing board eh…



I’m interested! Give it another shot. I just used your notes from the archives and made myself an upgrade to my pathetic center finbox template. Your guide on how to make an accurate and easy to use router template was the ticket and it saves mucho tiempo in what used to be a painful step for me. I installed 2 Bahne boxes yesterday with my new tool in 1/2 the time it took to do a single one before. Thanks for the tips!

Tom S.

Sorry guys, I was trying to transfer pictures from my new scanner, and it didn’t take. I’ll get something going today, now that I’m at a different computer. See the top post: finally got it to work. Doug