Shortboard...4oz bottom or 6oz ?

Take a look at my last post on this thread.

If you want it to last…

Two 4 oz deck patches, and 4 oz top and bottom. Each deck patch and lam should fully wrap the rails.

If you REALLY want it to last, do allthe lams with 6 oz. But it will weigh a little more.

I’m not sure about going from an epoxy to a poly 6oz… that’s going to feel like a rock. 18.5 and 2 3/8 isn’t exactly tiny either. I can’t speak from experience, for I’m just trying to get into airs as well. But I’ll tell you that my usual board is 6’3 x 18.5 x 2.25 with a 4 x 4 deck and 4 oz bottom - I’m shrinking that down a bit for the air cause - 18" wide, 2 1/8 thick and a single 4 with a deck patch. Foil out the nose a bit more than normal too.

Personally, I stopped using 6 oz., but I make my own boards and don’t care about durability. Some people like the weight… I’m just not one of those people.

Hmmm…yea this is a really hard one for me to decide. My last 4oz board seriously only lasted about 4 months, but that was when i wasn’t switching off at all. Now that i have my epoxy i will be able to switch off between the two…but still thats quite a bit of riding time.


Are you using Superblue, Superlight or Ultralight foam?

If you are using Superblue or Superlight try glassing it with two 4oz on deck and one 4oz on bottom, thats the way i like to do it on my surfboards…if you like it to be a little stronger make a bit thicker hotcoat and sand it less than usual…

With ultralite foam I use 6oz + 4oz on deck and 4oz on bottom…

I ride a superligth 6’0’’ squash tail truster with very flat rocker…its light and strong…great for airs!


gloss coat. it wont even add a pound to your board and will make it last twice as long. its the final stage in the lamination process. i wouldnt want to go out on a boat that wasn’t finished, nor a surfboard. i dotn know why every board is not gloss coated. it seals the hotcoat.

My shaper will be using superblue and we were thinking 6oz on the deck with 4oz on the bottom, hopefully that won’t be much of a difference. Is that what you were saying your board is Cabeto?


Howzit wragen22, I have a few guys who are really hard on boards and we went from 4oz bottoms to 6oz bottoms and there was not much difference in weight but the boards lasted at least twice as long as before. One of my shapers designed what he calls a peanut deck patch which reinforces the areas where his feet are on the board, For him it has made a big improvement in the durability of his boards. Aloha, Kokua

Hey Brad …I wasn’t clear with your question… now I get it…

You are thinking on glassing your board either with:

  1. only one 4oz layer on deck and one 4oz layer on bottom

  2. or one 6 oz layer on deck and one 4oz layer on bottom

If this are your only two options… I will suggest the second option for sure… with the first option your board deck will be extremely soft…

It is not normal to use only one fiberglas (4oz or 6oz) layer on deck…I’m not saying it cannot be done that way… but usually most surfboards are glassed with two layer on deck or one layer with at least two deck pads (for some competition surfboards)…

My superlight surfboard is glassed with two 4oz layers on deck and one 4oz layer on bottom… and It’s really light…

Well this is just my opinion…


Awesome. I appreciate your guys thoughts.

Don’t worry about weight…

…I have boards in the 7-8 foot range, 8-12 lbs. or better and all air boost just fine.

…I’ll admit that my shorter, lighter jobs fly more frequent ,but in the bigger surf my mid-rangers pick-up alot of flight time.


Ok…I was a little mixed up on what i would be doing. Not really sure how the shapers did it. But now i know what is going on. :slight_smile: We will be doing 2 4 oz on top and 1 4 oz on the bottom. Should i do the 6 oz on the bottom? Will there be a significant difference? My shaper said that he also will just barely skim the deck and take off foam on the bottom, in this case the board will be densest on the surface and get progressively softer.

What do you guys think?



With the 6oz bottom - what is being laid on the deck: Is it one 4oz and then a 4oz peanut shaped (sounds like a good idea) deck patch? or 6+4? Also is the patch wrapping the rails?



Howzit Herb, Deck is single 4oz with 4oz peanut for extra light, but some like a double 4oz deck which isn’t much more heavy. Aloha, Kokua

We were just going to do a double 4 oz wrap around rails then single 4 oz on the bottom. My question is should i do the 6oz bottom instead of the 4oz?

Yes,for the little wt. gain…it’ll be stronger for it.Herb