What would happen if you took the average 6’0 shortboard, decreased the nose rocker to an egg like rocker, and widened the nose like crazy>>>> example ( 6’0 x 19N x 20.5M x 13.75T x 2.25Thick, 2.5 nose rocker, 2.25 tail rocker, wide point slightly forward of center, TRIFIN is the clunker here)>>>> maybe pull the center and nose measurements in ( 17.75nose x 19mid x 13.75 tail) ill try it on surfboards interactive

Oz surfer Jim Banks had his boards looking very much like you describe, an egg type nose on his short performance rides

jim what time period was this ??

K. Rapoza in Hawaii shapes some wide nose shortboards for T&C. This one is 6’6" x 20".

i got one of those, its really fun, ill try to get a picture up of it, but i think the dims are : 6’6" x 19"n x 21.5" x 14"T x 2.5". Not the fastest board, but you can noseride it so easy. Lots of fun and i am happy to have it in my quiver.

Unlike some shapers think, longboard rails don’t apply here. Keep the bottom edge pretty hard. Soft bottom edges make it for small riders. Bigger riders just bog on the soft rails.

I was gonna keep everything in the style of a shortboard, minus the traction pad, nose rocker, and foil, (i want to keep it very flat and thicker in the nose) no pointbreak hull here, just a functional trifin egg when the waves arent so good and i dont feel like luggin the singlefin log to the beach. keep the responses a comin’

I have a “wood” twin that has been modified with a trailing fin. It’s called the wood twin dur to the guy who brought in the original several years ago. It is 6’ x 22" x 2 5/8". Basically really flat with a kick in the nose. Tear drop shape, like the pic, but on the bottom, I have 2 “barrels” coming out of the tail. This board hauls a$$! It works really well in flatter waves. My cheater for the small days.

micro tanker…round rail myth small round hold bettta thin out the tail throw away them side fins and make the board thickness and width match the size and the weight of the rider an it wont bog down… ever… with the propper contour on the bottom…ambrose… I said so

gonna chop this one out of a 7’3 becker blank, gonna throw in a 10.5 single box and futures sides just in case.

Also take a look at the Walden “C.D.” (Compact disc) - heard good things about it.

yes those look fun and thats the shape im looking for, i think he uses chine rails even on those, something ive never used, ??

I like Ambrose’s statement.Toss the tri fins and keep the rails soft.Ambrose, on the bottom were you thinking slight roll front…to semi flat…to soft vee rear 1/3 or something close???

the eternal 3…flat with chine relif front third( shorter board more concave to help lift to engage planeing efficency) broad concave mid 1/3 blending into round topV (back 1/3) down the center two concaves dissapearing at fin station and lifting into hyper flatness and thin at rounded plan tail call it a doodle board after scribbling free association drawings on the deck …take your left foot out ,do the hokey pokey and turn yourself about…thats what its all about… ambrose…in a nutshell

i guess in 30 years a board like that might appeal to me…but right now all i see is ,unresponsive ,rail graby ,sticky in the pocket,stiff to work down the line ,no chance of going vert,…more curve in your outline more curve in your turn …straight outline straight turn…its not that hard to work out… regards BERT

You`ve just disqualified yourself as an experienced shaper. TAKE TIME TO READ AND TRY TO UNDERSTAND OTHER BUILDERS’ POSTS-- YOU JUST MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING. Contrary to popular belief the thruster has not made everything else irrelevant.

it has when it comes to performance…as far as feel well thats personal …some people like the feeling of their underpants pulled right up their crack…their choice regards BERT

i wonder where the turning on a surfboard takes place?? i think behind the center for any thruster, and thank you mr. BERGER, now ill widen the center even more to get even more CURVE BEHIND CENTER while retaining the abilitiy to out paddle any shortboard … i live in FL> mushy waves, you arent debating outlines with taj burrow at snapper rocks, he may agree with your opinions if anyone at all, its theLOVEbelow, not theSTYLEDEAFbelow…

oh I forgot to say …under 6’ recomended length and betweem 20 1/2 - 23" wide and rails though round are thin1 1/2 - 2’’ circ …soft like a baby’s arm… ambrose …ranging deliniation …yep thirty years you may be ready…them channel Island boards are nice boards…