Should I be flattered?

So…some of you may remember a board that I posted way back at the biginning of April with a rather unusual fin setup…[img_assist|nid=1041694|title=“Split Thruster” or weird quad|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=480|height=640]

The setup was inspired by a combination of the tail design, Bill Thrailkills longbox setup, and the old Velzy “V” fin.

Well…I just saw this last week…

This is supposedly Surtech’s “innovative” “new prototype” with my EXACT fin layout.


Should I be flattered or pissed?

I’m kind of torn between the two! LOL



I vote for flattered. (Pissed will only make you crazy.)

Also, I don’t think the grip-rail (that the girl seems to have discovered) is theirs either. (By the way, do they really put grip-rails on the bottom? These boards haven’t really shown up in any numbers in my little corner of the Atlantic yet, … on the top, sure, but on the bottom?)

If it matters, if one shows up at my break, I’ll tell’em I know the originator ‘some guy on Swaylocks that went by synergytodd who took Bill Thrailkill’s idea a step further’ … you’ll be famous. (Now there’s an argument for using you’re own name rather than a handle or nickname, if there ever was one.)


Gee, should I be flattered too?     The ''idea'' was hatched in 1970, and by 2000 when no one had blundered on to it, I put it into an existing board and went surfing.    The next breakthrough, will be a rediscovery of the single fin.   Watch for it!!

Thanks KC

Of course I was only kidding. 

This isn’t the first time somebody with more resources than I have has taken one of my ideas, mass produced it, and claimed it to be theirs.  Getting mad serves absolutely no purpose.

I always try to give credit where credit is due…which is why I always mention Bill and Velzy.

Bill…you absolutely are THE MAN…and a constant source of inspiration to me. Thank you.


OH! Hey Kevin…profiles are good for finding out peoples names!



Have fun everyone!

These companies do suck ass dont they ? They sure  know where they got it from,or did they invent it ?

But they also know that if they say nothing then the unknowing public will just be in shock and awe at how amazingly creative they are.

 Im not talking about a cut of the profits ( God forbid ) for Velzy or Bill T or Todd, but just a 'nod to those in the know', a 'tip of the hat', a small slice of recognition for an idea theyve nicked and  adopt as their own.

 A small acknowledgement for the people who morally own the idea is the right thing to do, especially if youre skimming cream from their hard work.


Well Todd. It looks like Kelly lurchs on Sways.

You and Bill got copied. You guy's must be stoked?

I can get the answer if you want. I have my sources.


I just reviewed the original thread and there was no mention of whether or not you canted the split-fin. Is the fact that they appear to be canted because of the bottom contour? (I’m referring to your board.)

Also, is it just me, or do the fins in the knock-off (now I’m referring to the copy) seem to be less than straight? I’m not sure it’s cant, but it looks like the fin itself is almost curved out a little towards the edge.


it also appears that Kelly's board has the fin plugs installed in the most awkward manner possible.  You'd need long slender ladies' fingers to change fins! 

Beyond that, maybe he's just playing with quad fin placement and its a natural progression.  We all surf and experiment and think in similiar manners, so maybe it really is just a coincidence.  Also, what if somebody else from the '70s made a similiar quad but didn't photograph it?  Is it not our moral obligation to find out who that is and congratulate that person?

Who says it's Kelly's board?

Very good observation! I looks like he's just checking the board out. It doesn't look like a CI.

Someone saw on swaylocks I believe.

It is not Kelly's board it is a demo that he was given to try.Mick fanning was also seen holding 1 of these boards it is a tl2 surftech

SurfDing, Hasn’t that R.Payne guy from your neck of the woods been doing similar quad setups for a few years?

Richard has done a lot of things that are inovative and yes come to think of it he did do something like it about 3 1/2 years ago.



The next breakthrough, will be a rediscovery of the single fin.   Watch for it!!



Hey Bill,

We are definately on the same page...thats the comment I made on Todd's original thread...even if only because I was bemoaning the requirement to install six fins!

And Todd,  I do identify with your be flattered or pissed off. It never really gets settled.






hmm, thats a difficult one. But first I hope you don’t mind a cultural explanation.

in the UK (and I think Oz?) pissed means drunk on alcohol. The expression we use for angry with something or someone in the UK and Oz is “pissed off”.


As Surfding said there are industry pros who lurk here and its possible they saw your fin configuration. On the other hand there is a very real phenomena known as “synchronicity”. Synchronicity is the situation where when something is discovered in one part of the world another part of the world also discovers it shortly later even though they are completely oblivious to the original discovery. So maybe we have synchronicity here.

If its any consolation Simon Anderson never received royalties for his Thruster.

If it was lurking on Swaylocks as opposed to Synchronicity then a mention would have been nice.

Hey Todd,

…if you’re so inclined and you get a chance, would you look at the area in between and around the **Thrailkill/Patterson-adapted twin fin configuration **installation, preferably with a magnifying glass and see if there are any cracks, micro- or otherwise that seem to be forming.  It may turn out to be of no concern, but the structure does pose to ‘work’ the region between the fins in a unique way. If you were already on top of this, just disregard…my curiousity always seems to get the best of me.


The real question is how does it ride.Was it life changeing like you would never try another fin config again or is it just novelty.

Simon Anderson did recieve royalties for the thruster from LOST for a little while.




If you publicly show an IP-unprotected idea and a businessman copies it in order to make money, you should be flattered.


Thanks Josh,

The original config on that board was for the “split thruster” (I think afoaf coined that term). After argueing with Larry for a week or so, I installed the other two.

So we redesigned it to be extremely versatile…as a six fin, twin, quad, and split thruster.

I have to tell you…it works flawlessly.  So far it has been ridden by a few different riders, in every setup except twin…and it surfs awesome in all of them.

My buddy Greg switched it to the split thruster setup…and hasn’t changed it since.