Show us your graphics

Hello guys and girls

A lady friend of mine was asking me about “Why there are a limited selection of feminine type board designs on the racks at the surf shops?”

she was refering to board shape/size and cosmetic design features such as “why is there only flower laminets?”

she feels if there were a different selection of graphics on display more guys would buy more boards for their gals.

I informed her that just about anything can be done when ordering a custom board but shops will usualy only display basic designs.

So if we may… Show us your Graphic designs

you know, like kitty cats and puppies and duckies and whatevers

show her your stuff!!!

here’s some of ours (from newest to oldest)






Funny this topic should come up. I just made this for a childhood friend’s daughter as a graduation present. Floral graphics, gold and copper leaf with a posca pen outline. It’s hard to see in the pics, but the board is baby blue pigment, and there is a baby blue pigment pinline above and below the graphic, very subtle.

Just now ready for gloss.

Girl wanted some kind of peace symbol kaleidoscope thing.


Hey Atomised,

I REALLY like that one!

Not sure if I’d call this one “feminine” as such, but heck, its one of my faves lately. Some girl might dig it…


I’m afraid all those have been posted elsewhere before… Anyway, here we go:


Basic waves/surfers artwork:

Tropical fishes cloth inlay:

Flowers, of course:

Silver Surfer:



Jungle theme:

Keith Herring’s:

Afro girl:

“Miss Piggy”:

Color spots:

And, of course, Monica… Er…, maybe you could replace that by Brad Pitt for your girl friend…:

oh, for the simple life…

I tried for an hour to post a simple picture. Now I need to go to work.

Just painted a pink on pink stand up board.

Once again, I’m in awe of Atomized and Speedneedle’s airbrushes! I wish I had the patience (and talent) to attempt stuff like that!

Balsa, that’s some really cool stuff there also, especially “Monica!” She’s the hottest!

i hope this isnt just for our ‘feminine’ art… well i dont know if this would qualify as art but i really liked the way this experiment turned out.

the overall

nose detail

deck detail

rail detail #1

rail detail #2


now that i figured out how to add photos, heres a few more…


That’s really nice!! Your work never ceases to amaze me.

Here’s one I did recently that’s all CG and printed as an inlay. The board is 9’8" x 27". It was the first time that the file size of the art made it over 1 gigabyte.


Well, likewise Atomised…

You and scant few others I can name are doing the best artwork on boards.

Thats a huge file! I have of course done some digital ones but returned to ol’ airbrush for my small-output little custom board business…

Would it be a big ask for you to tell me what your substrate is? I had a method for applying them but did’nt like the weight and bleeding factor.

I may go back to digital at some point. PM me if its not for public consumption.


My Proctor board, really love how this all turned out.

A lot of nice work on this thread. Seeing as how I just did an inlay I’m curious about the technique on this one. Is it laser cut from veneer? Is it actually inlaid into the deck wood? Or overlaid? In any case it’s pretty stunning.

My other dilemma with regard to artwork on surfboards is that, for display, it works better with the graphics on the deck. But, unless it’s intended as a pure wall hanger, it makes no sense to put the art on the deck where it will caked over with wax and sand (a maybe little bits of tar). What to do?

Airbrush on EPS

Lotsa tape… and patience…

That’s sick, I dig it.




That looks hot for sure. did you strech a net over it before you airbrushed?

yankeesurfer - i really like the argyle board. did you have any issues with the tape pulling up any of the paint between colors? and thanks for the compliment on the board. its not a net, but fishnet stockings.

slashzilla - nice work also. are they all done in paint pen or do you spray some of the larger areas and then detail with the pens?