Side mounted superchargers??

I had another design vision today. What if you put superchargers on the rail of the board toward the tail that were angled a little down. I am thinking on a longboard it would help provide leverage when making turns that would allow the nose to swing around and also provide down force on the tail when riding the nose like spoilers on race cars. I would call them spoilers instead of superchargers and make them actually bend upwards similar to spoilers on a car. Alright what do you guys think?

I’d say you are pushing the FatPenquin board.



My “Interceptor Series” prototype will be done soon.

It’s far from the norm,and incorporates things from the past, presentand the soon not to be future .A cutting edge updated look at new materals including traction surface,blank build,wetted surface and fin/wing design(s).The proto is a high performance killer,I think I’ll name her “Electra”

By the way…are you still in need of parts?Herb

Just trying to see what everyone else thaught not trying to sell anythin at all.

The only things i still want are a good pair of scissors and a moded planer. If anyone wants to sell a planer for a fair price I am interested. Very cool to hear about the new stuff comming outa the Spitzer camp truely an inspiration.

I don’t want to push things in the forum, but I’m going to butt in real quick:

I picked up two pairs of 10" Wiss scissors off Ebay for a reasonable price. I only need one, they came in a pair. I don’t feel like dealing with Ebay, or shipping, or anything else… but if you are in the OC area I’d hand them off to you at half the price I paid for the pair.

They’re not in mint, but pretty good condition. Solid scissors.

rKelly I am in the SC area maybe we can work out something out with shipping.