Silly logo/color question

So I just came up with this little logo for my fish…It printed out perfect on the rice paper, and just for sh!ts and giggles I put it on some wood and soaked it in water to see what would happen. Well, ALL the blue immediately washed away, but the black stayed put. Will resin have the same effect? Will I lose all the blue? Thanks…


Print another one and lam it to a piece of foam to see if it runs. Mike

or just print another one make sure it dries WELL and then put gloves on get a bit of resin on your thumb and index finger and rub the lam back and forth rubbing the resin around the area, see if it bleeds on your gloves,


print it and shoot both sides with acrylic clear coat.

Found a scrap piece of foam and glassed the logo on. Nothing bleeds. Strange. Thanks. For me, that’s one of the coolest feelings I’ve had with this whole experience so far…wetting out the lam and watching how crisp and clear it comes through. Guess I’m wierd like that. :wink:

Howzit tenover, You con't say what brand printer you're using. Most colored inks are dye based and not water proof where as black is a pigment ink which is water proof. Resin doesn't wash away the color like water does, so you're OK for lam printing. But after a while the color will start to fade. The Epson durabrite inks are water proof and fade proof, and you Canon and HP are also making printers that use archival inks ( UV resistant like durabrite). Go to <a href="http://www.lysonic.con" class="bb-url">www.lysonic.con</a> to get info on archival inks and which printer can use them. Aloha, Kokua