simple paint job

hey there swaylckrs,

just a simple question.

i want to put some really simple pinlines running down the sides on either side of the stringer of the board i’m going to shape. my question is (most likely with a really obvious answer) is how to go about painting them. my thought is that you mask it off and all and paint them before you glass. if so, what kind of paint should i use? and if not then what is the best way to go about the process?



Pin lines look cleaner if you do them after you sanded down the sanding coat. I like to smooth out to 220 grit in the areas where the pinlines are going. You can use resin and pegment. india ink, posca pens, There are a lot of threads on how to make clean pinlines and there was a thread just posted last week.


You should be looking in the archive for a question like this…however I will be the good samaritan and answer this for you.

Tape off the stringer with the appropriate size tape. Get the green 3m tape in a thickness that matches your stringer thickness.

Next tape off your stripes with a thicker tape, make sure to pull out long strokes with the tape so you can get it straight as possible.

Once you have all the desired areas taped off spray a little crystal clear in the stripes. Not too much! Just enough to seal it up. The crystal clear will bleed and fill most of the holes where your paint might bleed. Maybe apply a couple of light coats.

After that stuff dries take a tube of acrylic paint and with the end of the tube (pressed lightly) strattling the tapelines squeeze out paint the length of the stripe. Next make a wedge out of excess foam (a little larger than your stripe) and squeege the paint nice and flat within the tape lines. Wait for the paint to dry a bit and yank the tape! If you took your time it should look really nice. You can also do this on the hot coat before the gloss coat is applied or you can apply crystal clear over the acrylic if you don’t intend to gloss. Acrylic will eventually rub off if not sealed under gloss so spraying crystal clear over it when it is on top of the hot coat is not recommended.