simultaneous glass-on fin setting

I came up with this jig so I could tack two fins at the same time, and at the same cant and toe-in. I have used it on two boards, and it didn’t bother me one bit to have the same exact set up on two different shapes. I definitely like one board more than the other, but obviously there are a dozen other design factors that affect the ride…interesting, whatever. I am sure I (anybody) could modify this jimmyjob in five minutes to accomodate 3 or 4 or 5 fins. Dunno if applicable to fcs/lokbox or other, as I have only done single fin boxes and glass ons so far. I will post a photo and I’m willing to hear laughter and ridicule, but if there is an easier way, please share and tell me how to do it right! [img_assist|nid=1044268|title=fin jig|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=480] Is this just plain redneck, or is there no easier way to set fins than sweating bullets and trying to check yer angle with a square and holding fins in place with pieces of tape?! So this is a chunk of 2x8. The side facing my knees is the width at the rear of the fins. Then I figured the length of my fin base and cut the block accordingly… meaning that the sides {where my thumb is} I set the skilsaw to I forget, 5 degrees or something. and made like 3/16 toe-in over the length of the fin, meaniing more than that over the width of a 2x8 {which is usually 7 and 1/2 inches). Then the channel in the middle of the block is for the clamps to bite onto, thats all. This next pic is only vaguely useful as you can not read a damn thing I wrote, which is why I went and found the actual jig and took a picture of it. [img_assist|nid=1044269|title=home again jiggidy jig|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=480] Ok, then? Would one of you wizards please unclam yer piehole and teach! Thanks, D

I'm no wiz, but looks good from here. A rub down with some paste wax?

I think its great!

if I may add to your idea...

you could split it down the center and put some threaded adjusters for and aft, then you would be able to at least widen it or narrow for tail width

wedges could be added to change the cant

nice idea Ken, I might try that! If I make a thruster jig, I’ll add it to this thread some day later on. If somebody patents this to make their millions, well you guys know who posted it first! But who does glass-ons anymore anyways?.. heh, heh…D

Hey dpiction,

Great idea. Like Ken said, make it adjustable for different tail widths.

I'd tape some wax paper to the bottom corners so your resin doesn't stick to the wood when tacking the fins on.

Have fun with it!




I forgot to mention that- I wrote it on the drawing and it is unreadable there in the pic. I drew a pencil line 1" up from the base of the fins on the flat sides parallel with the bottom, and fiddled with the clamps until the bottom of the block was dead nuts on the lines. Then dry tested to make sure the fins were right on the dots before tacking.

liking it, but i cut that one in half…[img_assist|nid=1044316|title=Fin Jig|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=529|height=700]