Did anyone see this last night?

Havent seen it yet, but looks like a rather interesting storyline. Did you mention that you were on Kauai recently? How were the waves when you were there? I was there for a day trip on Labor Day with my g/f. Waves were rather small. I didnt have a board, we were there just to cruise and see some sights, but was rather surprised when what I thought was a younger surfer ripping a beachbreak in Anahola, turned out to be Titus Kinimaka. He was making the sloppy rights look real good.

Foamdust, When I was there last week the entire east side was suffering from onshores. Kokua said there were a couple days of surf on the north shore but I missed them. I surfed the south and west side during a 2-4 ft sw swell. Small, but great shape. Pakala was best with its offshores. I hope to get to Oahu soon since a good friend lives there, so hopefully we can meet up in the future. Likewise if you come to so cal. -Gregg

Greg, Pakala is one of my favorite waves. Last time I was there in '00, I brought over a 6’6" modern fish and a modern longboard. So much fun. Drop me a line if youre ever on Oahu… FD