Skaters ...any of you ride / ridden one of these ??


Someone in my neighborhood has one of these. I live in a place with a 23 block downhill to the ocean. On one street, it is never so steep you get out of control, never so flat you need to touch your feet. Cruising all the way down - about 6 minutes continuously. Anyway, looks pretty tough to ride, very smooth and hard leaning in the turns. Seven wheels on each truck, roll from one wheel to the next, turn angle depends on lean, very hard to balance flat, gotta go rail to rail.

I’ve ridden this 14 wheeler (I built one similar). It’s really a lot of fun, it perfect for carving, it truly fells like snowboarding. It quite easy to ride but you need some steep slopes otherwise it’s too slow : at any single time, you’re always riding on only 2 wheels…and when you turn you keep on switching from one wheel to another one … each time a new wheel touches the ground it slows down the board since the wheel was not previously not in motion.

I think the Carveboard is much better (check out the videos at

Speaking of skateboarding, did anyone read the recent Tom Curren interview in one of mags (Transworld Surf or Surfing, I don’t remember and I’m too lazy to walk 10 feet to my living room to look) in which the interviewer wrote that Curren was riding a skateboard w/ only 2 wheels in the center of the board?

Anyone know what anything about these boards?




Ben, I hit up my buddy Ed for some construction details and he pointed out that he had already posted them on the 7wheels out site here

Keep in mind that if you are planning on frankesteining an old pig, odds are it will only be 12" wide so you will want the narrowest trucks you can find (minimize the amount the wheels will extend out). My personal choice is some old ACS’s or Bennetts but finding 4 of them can be an issue.

I believe tracker reissued some old tracker midtracks that will work, but I would swap out the bushing for something softer.

wow…great sites , photos, and info … they’ve come a long way from Lonnie’s 20x28" [!] almost round “outrageous” model [4.5lbs! …ouch when THAT hit you !!] to Wes Humpston’s 12 1/4 x 33 " bull dog models , eh ? The graph paper tip for truck alignment is much appreciated too !! Thanks a lot for that link info , photos, and help , Elvis ! …It would be fun to ride one here , and get some “overseas” shots for that website …I can’t say I’d be getting as radical as THOSE guys in the photos there , though …they seem to have some nice deep smooth bowls to practice in …were those shots at Encinitas park , I wonder ? …N-I-C-E !!! ben

…The trick now will be finding narrow enough trucks , yet strong enough to bear the extra load[ings] on them ?? [that counts out op shops and k-mart, I guess !]

Wheels , too, will have to be pretty narrow, I suppose , in order to keep the width reasonable [under for eg : 14" , hopefully.]

Herb mentioned the need [as you did] to move around on the board, something this single finner will probably enjoy …my grommie mates often comment that I don’t “keep my feet still enough” [?!] when I skate, and when I surf [comes from my single fin riding …trim speed stuff, I guess!]

Elvis , what length , width , and thickness are YOUR 8 wheelers ?

Also, the other dimensions they didn’t give , which I’d be interested to know are …

How far up are the back trucks from the tail ?

How far back is / are the front ones from the nose ?

Last question …how much do[es] your deck[s] weigh ?

okay , thanks for your help !


Yea we played with these, we also used this setup for kneebording!!!

Aloha ! Clyde Rodgers Skater 1970-1982 or so !! ck out

I think this is the site? It might be abrivated…

Even older! Any of you ride/ridden one of these?

I did, back in '64 or so. And I still have it! (Collectors, make a bid!..)

Are those clay wheels? I had one, but the ends were a little pointier. It was actually my dad’s…he’d bomb down our hill - just once every night, after dinner in the summer - and all the neighborhood kids would run along behind and give ourselves sideaches from running with bellies full of hamburger…I loved the 70’s.

So did I… Yeah, clay wheels or some stuff looking like it…

Found the trucks for you Chip, available at Big W, Kmart etc.

Those little pocket boards, you know the ones, they’re only 12" long and you can pick them up for around $6 each, fit your own wheels on them if you don’t like the ones that are on it.

thanks Grant , I’ll keep that in mind…

I figure if I’m going 30-33" x 12 -14" max width [ similar to Wes Humpston’s “Bulldog Skate” style template] , then the max width per truck , with wheels included , could only be 6" per complete truck ??

If the hanger plate [the space between the wheels] is a max of 3" [?! possible?] , then that only leaves 1 1/2" width per wheel …


I can see why Lonnie Toft’s “outrageous Sims 8-wheeler” blew out to 20" wide , because with 6" hanger plates , and 4" worth of wheels per truck , well…put two of these side by side …there’s your 20" wide deck , right there !!

The $6 skates (x 2) , a 36" x 24" bit of ply , 20 or so screws and washers and nuts , some grip deck … I figure all up , it could be done under $ 70aus , easy !! [and if it breaks in a bowl , no biggie …make a new , stronger deck , is all !!]

Grant , what have you got lying around , or do you know of a reasonably priced sheet of that sized ply ?


Now…to figure the kicktail …

And … the “skid plate” on the tail will be what I have used before …those [polycarbonate type stuff] chopping boards from coles / woolworths/ big W / K-Mart …cheap also !

Watch out for those “pocket board” Trucks though as most are plastic and break easy.

I got my slim tiny trucks of a ‘longrider’ which was a tipster find.

Tip: search dumpsters for all the stuff.

oh and i think it could EASILY be done under 70, possible 50 even. or 10 if you search dumpsters.


PS… Ive got one set of those trucks on my current board and i have another somewhere with all mismatched parts… if i can find them I’ll build an ‘8’

Why not recyclethe wheels and trucks from a pair of old roller skates ?

Does any boad know of truck that could be bought to make a board that would carve like a surfboard or snowboard…I know there are several products out there…but I haven’t seen just trucks…I have some extra foam and wood would like to make a cool little carve board


WOW Bolsa !!!

…where did THAT come from ??

Do you have any information on that please ? [any website for that , by any chance ?]

[I’m guessing Tracker ex-tracks for the front truck?? ]

cheers mate !


Used to ride one when I was a kid , Makaha board with clay wheels , even remember riding a little red board with metal skate wheels! Long time ago but great memories.

Wes Humpston’s wide decks from the [? late ?] 1970s interest me …

a slightly wider version , like his “Bulldog Skates” Eight Wheeler, would be along the lines of what I’d want to make !



Found the trucks for you Chip, available at Big W, Kmart etc.

Those little pocket boards, you know the ones, they’re only 12" long and you can pick them up for around $6 each, fit your own wheels on them if you don’t like the ones that are on it.

hi Grant !

the other day , picking up the " Moonrocket Launching" photos , I checked out something similar …

K-Mart have a similar ‘kit’ to what you mention …“make your own skateboard” …for $18aus …the trucks LOOK to be metal, too !! [I’d better CHECK , though …]

Like you say , tiny decks [maybe I could give one to your “chicks” !]

If I go ahead with the “8 wheeler” this year [some time !] , I’d start with these setups …and hopefully ride it at Clarkson skatepark , for starters [I’d leave it in your garage, if that’s okay, for my trips north to your place …


I found that picture on the Tracker trucks website ( ). You can probably use Track Half-Tracks if the K-Mart kit fails. It will cost a lot more, but I’m sure the quality will be worth it.

thanks Bolsa !!

I’m certainly learning about some god skating sites through this thread , too…

thanks to everyone for your help !

I hope [one day this year] that I have an eight-wheeler skateboard [that works!] that I can also ride at skateparks without killing myself or others .

I think I’ll be riding it on the streets around here first though , to get it sussed out how it rides.