SKIL 100 OTF (on-the-fly) MODS DONE!


Although I couldn’t do exactly what -Lowel explained to do my OTF mods. What happened was: I couldn’t find a big screw driver to remove the screw inside the foots housing…so!

What I did: I removed the belt cover, pulled out the belt, removed the gear screws on left front of planer, I toggled out the cutter head assembly… I then removed screw under foot plate, I then thought…I tried a smaller screw driver on big screw holding the clicker plate…I could not get it out…so! I bent it up towards the back (roof)inside, tested clicker -which is loose! But I decided I didn’t want it too loose, so I took a thin rod and pushed it into the two holes on opposite sides of clicker arm…pulled it back to click slightly, but kept it good n loose!’s a SUCCESS!!! Now I can cross cut, zero out on rails, rocker etc! :slight_smile: -THANKS Lowel for being a ADVANCED SHAPER who helped me make up my mind and I’m STOKED! After doin the mods, I can tell a guy if he doesn’t want to strip down planner, all you’d need to do is get a screw driver and push the clicker up towards the roof on to disable, or lessen the clicker. Go slow. But man, it’s nice n loose! But I made mine a tad stiffer at full depth and near zero…IM PUMPED UP! I can’t wait to install new blades and start shaping!!!

To reinstall the cutter head assembly, I couldn’t get a hold of -Lowel, so I devised a plan. I took the cutter head assembly and and kinda toggled it the same wsy I got her out…but! In reverse. Then I had difficulty trying to push it back in…so! I thought of an idea. And I pushed the cutter head assembly as close as I could to the holes…then I was able to get screws in holes! Then I did a alternating tightening of my screws…it worked!!! :slight_smile:

Folk’s -don’t let that clicker fool you! Upon removing my lower shoe, I discovered that damn thing (clicker)is just a lousy piece of sheet metal is all! That’s why it’s a easy w screwdriver…in my case, I used my thumbs…well HERE’S A DOUBLE THUMBS UP!

Oh thank God…I was almost fooled by the clicker.

I left a little “clicking” action, but
I left it slightly stiffer at full depth and zero…but it’s loose both ways kinda…not floppy loose, but a controlled loose…
Be careful w power tools Folk’s I just read a story where a guy got pierced w fragment of router…apparently a blade went through his torso and he died minutes ltr…makes you think about making sure the bearings are safe, the blades are mounted properly, you are paying attention etc…

It’s nice n a tad stiffer otf at full depth- which is cool! That way I can plane out the flats w out readjustment concerns…but looose nuff where I can fade a cut to a lower setting while on the go…it’s gonna take a little practice. So I think when I start my egg design next mos, I may as well practice on my first few passes on the bottom…I do plan to do more cross cutting tho!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Good stuff. Got a kp810 not long ago and am also looking forward to being able to taper cuts. A whole new way to ruin a board :slight_smile:  My father had a portable sawmill for years, it had a large blade spinning at belly hight.  Ocasionally when you stopped to sharpen it, a tooth would be missing. Luckily we never got hit, but always wondered where they went.

Tommorth - the skil100 was not too difficult at all! And honestly - it didn’t hurt a thing! I can easily bend the clicker back if I ever resold it. But I’m not. It’s a keeper! These planers are tanks!

I got hitachi planer I am working on modding. I just need to buy a dremel, a few parts, glue etc…

For your kp800 makita I heard
NEW LEAF’s hitachi mods will work. You might want to look into it.