Skil 100 Planer restoration?

I’ve recently aquired 2 skill 100’s, a 5.5 amp that was used to plane 2 doors then put back in its box for the next 40 years, and a very heavily used 7.5 amp that was put away 15 years ago after someone spilt roofing tar all over it. I want to use the beat up 7.5 and hide the new 5.5.The paint on the 7.5 is worn off around the handle, scratched all around the body, a few spots of corrosion. My question is from a value standpoint is it better to maintain the original paint or sandblast and repaint to match? Powder coat? I intend to use the planer daily, so I want it to look and feel good, but I don’t want to have a negative affect on its value for the sake of vanity.


I tend to think the Skil 100 is more highly valued for it’s utility, than original finish. Mod’s like cutting off the ‘tail’ to shape shortboards would reduce the value, IMO. Clean them up well, and use them with pleasure. I still have my original Skill 100 that I purchased new in 1964, as well as two backups. The original planer is still doing fine.