Skil 100 vector art

Does anyone have any skil 100 vector art pics?  Thanks for your help.


That board is sick bro!

ok austin ive done a simple outline trace of the image but in my view needs refining a bit, depends how much detail you want, just the basic outline or somewhere inbetween???

ive had to convert it to jpeg to attach but once we get something like what you want i can send to you as dwg or whatever format suits



Hey Girvin,

Thanks.  Here is another wild one I did a while back. All resin, no airbrush.



Any help with the planer vector art would be much appreciated!  I will trade an Austin Surfboards T shirt for it!




hey austin if you have a photo or jpeg of what you want ill convert it to a vector image for you...

Would this work? 


double post.

perfect austin, do you want single colour?


ill have a play and get back to you




hey, austin…


i can get you something by tomorrow.


peace & ease, brotha…


hey surfingdog,

We are planning on printing them black and grey on t shirts.  So however looks best. 


Whats been up man?  Still coming up this way sometime this year?  Thanks all for the help.



Hey Austin,
I love your work.  I’ll make a design for you too.  Good to have options :)  

…hello man,

I assume that the airplane board is way heavy

but super fine art and work

do you mind put some more pictures?


i just vectorized the first draft and it came out pretty good, but i’d like to tweak the color brightness / contrast a bit so that it will blend out some of the extraneous paths…  i’ll get you the finished product tomorrow.


what are you using this for??  screen printing clothing??


definitely planning on a coast trip up to your neck of the woods, just as soon as the water warms up a bit.  :-)  still got a corner of the factory floor i can crash on??  preferably right next to the MEKP!

Hey all,

I am going to print some t's for the surf shop that will say something like "support your local board builder" or something.  I dont really know yet.

Here are some more pics for fun.



Thanks to all!



[img_assist|nid=1049860|title=Skil 100 Planer Vector Art|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=411]

Here ya go Austin, Enjoy.  I’ll post a link to the vector file in a few minutes.

eps file:

Illustrator File:

PM me and I’ll give you an address for that T-shirt :slight_smile: