Skil 676 end bell replacement

I am in need of a replacement end bell (end plate, motor end plate, motor cover) for a Skil 100, 190 or 676.  I was removing a very stubborn drive pulley and I dropped the entire armature and end bell and gear puller to the floor.  The middle of the end bell broke out in peices.   I have a few Skil parts to trade (plus $): set of knives, trigger (I purchased years ago as a Skil 100 replacement.  It has a trigger lock, but I have not tested if it will actually fit), and large and small dust deflector.  Or I will purchase.   Neither the old tool guy on ebay nor Pete C. have one available.  Thanks for looking.


Think I got one…

Gonna go rummage.

Like this?

Think I got it from tool guy for 35 bucks a while ago for my stash. 

Sway’s is the place.

PM me if so…