slipcheck source??

anyone know if or where it’s possible to get some slipcheck? i’ve got a board that i’m restoring and i was planning on removing the old slipcheck, doing the repairs and reapplying a new coat of slipcheck to match the original. cheers, j.a.

I just saw a can of pink sSlipcheck on EBay.

yeah, i saw that on ebay also. i’m looking for black slipcheck though. any leads? thanks, ja

I’ve used a product called EL GRIPO comes in many colors and is easy to use. It has excellent grip for bare feet or booties, no wax required.

I’ve been looking for Slipcheck or El Gripo also. It seems that the website that they sell it on “” is no longer up. Anyone got an alternate place to purchase these either of these products? Dave

call Blinky at Ventura Surf Shop.He’s the guy who originally made it-seems like I’ve seen some cans in his shop…

i saw EL grippo in my local shop(sufers supplies) the best was clear slipcheck—you sprayed the whole board deck with it and then waxed over it —fantastic in warm tropical water…but that wasn’t the traditional use—pretty colors on the nose …eeeech

I believe Tom Morey is involved with El Grippo - at least he gave me a url for them some time ago. Same with Slipcheck way back. I’m thinking a 35 year old can of Slipcheck might not be what I’d want to try to use to finish up a nice restoration…

Ther is a can of black el grippo at Palm St. Surf Shop (used to be Longboard Heaven) in Santa Cruz 831 458 2151-I’m sure they’d be happy to sell it, its been there for a couple of years

Has anyone tried taping off a pattern and adding sugar to some pigmented resin?