so , where is blair foam?

web site?

phone number?

do they ?

are they ?

will they?

can we ?

will we?

wood? for stringers/

keeping it all in house?


soon I’ll need wood?

the ice nine guys are keeping it all in house…

Web site on the way, not up yet.

I think they’re in Carpinteria.

Or Carson.

Or C, ville.

Don’t have the # right now.

I did see one and touch it! It’s REAL!

blair foam is blown in gardenia california. they do all there own cutting and wood. the foam is excellent. they just purchased green valley mill just for them selves. Charlie walker on oahu is their distributor and will or has blanks .

I found them a and guess what? They are right next door practically. Haven’t contacted them yet about getting any blanks, but “oak” who posts here has some info in the Industry forum.

Ride on,




I have been getting weekly deliveries for about a month or so now and the response has been outstanding. The boys in ventura have really liked the foam and are stoked at the turn around time for custom rockers , straight glue ups, shapeablity, and excellent price. Once you try one you will be a believer. More molds are on the way so don’t be discouraged at what you see in the catalogue.

so I am running out of wood.

for them stringers in the eps blanx

were were encouraged to make

for the epoxy -phonic evolutionary step

into the 21st century…

so green valley mills

was the source for my stringers…

gvm sold to blair foam

Leigh A . told me she’d call me if’n the wood access appeared.

she hasn’t called

The Ice nine rep said sure ,then he said sorry

and blair is in comuniado?

do they have a website?


are they not to be a wood source?

is my wood quest to be a magic trick/

I am a great sorcerer nd am working on a wood spell as we speak\

any thoughts from the peanut gallery?

a good millworks/

near a port?

to shp me some goods?


should I start a new thread in the industrial zone too?

I gotta go cut some stringers for some blanx