Soft deck - glassing advice needed!

Hey there good Swaylock’s people.

A bit of a puzzle: Finished my 5’10 fish (6oz xdbl 6oz glass job, I weigh 175lbs), and left it for a week before surfing it. I thought it’d be a bomb proof glass job. I glassed it on a dry day, temp around 70dgs, didn’t overcatalyze the resin or anything, but after surfing it for two 5 hour sessions , it now has some very deep dents in the back foot area, and even a few around the front foot.

I tinted the resin a warm yellow and it looks damn good, but that tint is the only unknown factor I can spot that could have compromised the glass job.

Does anyone have an idea as to what maight have gone wrong? I’d really appreciate feedback on this.




Did you have to skim some foam off the deck to get your desired thickness? That exposes softer, weaker foam.

Are you “dents” shaped round or oval (lengthwise, along the stringer). Those are knee dents from you going from prone to your feet.

Some guys glass 6/6/6, with the last layer, a 1.5’ long patch where your knees lay when you paddle. Sprint paddling makes you push with the bottom of your thighs, to get more leverage with your arms.

Tints seldom cause any structural weakness because you only use .2oz per 8 oz of resin.

Just scrape the wax off, wipe it clean, then add one more layer of 6 oz covering all the dents on the tail deck of your board.

Thanks Lee.

Yep, they’re definitely a mix of the old knee dents and round heel dents. I’d come to the conclusion that a sand/patch job was the way to go, thanks for confirming this. I was probably to quick in surfing the board. How long would you usually leave a green board?



I would guess that the problem is more in the foam then the time from glass to surf. If you used anything below supper green you will have denting problems. If you are tying to keep the board light, I would just sand down the dents and lay some glass into the dents. Cut thet glass the shape of the dent, lay a small piece into the hole then a little larger then a little larger until you fill the dent. This will make the areas most needed stronge with out adding a lot of weight. I have heard guys say that they age there boards for no less then XX weeks, before they surf them. I have seen guys put there boards inside there car with the windows covered with towls to keep the sun off the board and bake them for weeks. I was told by a top notch glasser that just as soon as you could to put the board in the water. This cold shock sucks the glass down on the foam. Surf it and then let it set for a week. Good luck.

…first try close tolerance blanks…, then put aerosil (cabosil) in the hot coat resin, gloss the board. when the board is finished, cure the board only vertical with only the tail and the nose tip touch the floor and the wall…let it cure for a week in a constant 30C/80F, then surf one session and put the board in the same manner in the same room, let it a few days more and surf again…the board now are cured…

Some of the best boards I’ve had only got better with deck dents, like wearing in a new pair of shoes. Unless you are only interested visual aesthetics, I wouldn’t bother doing anything except go surfing.

I’m with Wildy, Surf the heck out of if and make another one when it’s destroyed. Don’t over shape the top, take all your thickness out of the bottom if possible. And when laying up the glass don’t over squeege the cloth so much it pulls all the resin out. Keep the squeege at a constant presure, and a constant angle and you’ll get strong glass jobs.