Solarez UV cure epoxy?

I was just looking for some feedback from anyone who has used it. Is it any good?

Hated using it, just did not adhere to anything well and sanded lousy, but that was at least 5 years ago… perhaps there has been improvement since then?

Here’s a tip my epoxy expert friend gave me. If the ding is minor without much foam exposed, just use regular poly UV resin. Apply it quickly, lay some clear poly plastic on it to smooth it out then run as fast as you can out into the sun. The resin will set before it has time to eat into the foam. I’ve tried it. It works fine.

UV resins tend to be a bit brittle, i would not use them for any structural repairs, only cosmetic or water sealing repairs. even reflected sunlight can trigger the cure proccess, so your really time limited as to being able to work with the stuff…it is quick though

Yeah, that is kind of in the category of emergency beach repair. Although my energency repairs have a way of becoming permanent.

As far as uv resins being brittle, I thought most of the big glass shops used uv resins in standard production for most if not all of their boards. I’m referring to polyester resin.

cool sounds risky though

you can take a board surfing

1 hour after a repair with 5min epoxy

I noticed they were selling 1gal cans on there website for laminating. I have used it before for quick fixes and such, but I was curious to know if anyone has used it to laminate a board.