Some general advice on quad and twin keel boards

Hi, looking to get my first fish as a step down from a longboard. I'm looking at getting it wide (22.5) and longish (6ft 6) and can't decide on either a twin fin set up or a quad. Which will give me a better all round performance and stability? I'm guessing a quad? I'm not the best surfer by the way.  Thanks.

a 6'6" is a pretty big fish and keels are quite stiff, they are drivey and like to be surfed with flow and go great in right conditions...but the quad ( especially with a fin system so you can interchange fins ) will give you more options, I'd suggest the quaddy....but even better would be to try a few boards similar to what you plan on getting if possible....

Thanks, I'm around 100kg and 6ft and it is a first step down board so need the length and volume. When you say the quad gives more mean handling a greater range of waves and sizes?

Well, with 4 boxes you can surf with one, two, three or four fins.... that's some options.

Shoots, if you're gonna put in four boxes it might as well be five, with the option to surf as a single fin (Bahne 10" box at center).

by options I mean with four or 5 lots of plugs you can have alot of diff set-ups  and also the variety of fins that are out're using kg's and ft, are you in Oz ? if so, where ? 

hey BIG guy.

down here in the bay there is a 100 kilo guy that surfs very well,from watching him i noticed when he rode a twin fish he overpowered the board at the end of his turns, lost time getting going again,( his body weight was too much for the one fin on the rail and so he could`nt get needed performance after the turn. ) he changed the board to a quad setup and his turns are cleaner and smoother without losing speed,( added fin to the rail allows added resistance through the turn,extra hold for his xtra weight.) Alternativly he could have recognised what was happening with the twin setup and adjusted his surfing.... making sense !!! 

I’ve found the quads are more forgiving in crappy, mushy surf.  I get more drive with keels than quads.  Perhaps from the stiffness.  Keels feel great in clean lined up conditions.  But, what board doesn’t?  Mike

I got used to my twin keel, loved the drive and sureness of it. Now, with my quad, i put tiny one tab fins in the front most fcs tab ( rear set ). This feels the best to me. I have since modified it, and have a second set of plugs between the front and rears ( Mckee setup ), but they are on the rail. Been done for a while but still haven't got to test it out. Need a bit more paddle fitness, and a clean,hollowhead high wave, and lately its been anything but:(. I should post pics, im sure pridmore would like to see it ( or maybe not!? )as its one of his boards. I specifically asked for the Mckee setup, but i think im more suited to rail fin quad setup.



The rear fins are 1" off the rail, and 7 3/4 up from the tail ( rear of fin )