Source for V weave CF 5.7oz 2x2 twill?

Just as the subject says, Im looking for a source to buy V weave CF 5.7oz 2x2 at 60" wide.  I have yet to come across anyone that carries V weave period other than one seller on ebay…which is only 50" wide.  I could take regular 2x2 twill and do the standard method of cutting it and flipping one side 180*, but if I can get it already woven, then Im all for that!

File attached on what the stuff looks like.


Any help on where I could possibly source this stuff would be awesome.  TIA!

Why do you need that? Nothing special about it, the fibres are still 0° and 90° to the stringer.

Do you need it for the looks? There is no significant difference in mechanical properties.

Yes, I am aware that there is nothing special about it mechanically other than being cosmetically pretty.  Yes, I know how to prep, cut, and flip standard 2x2 twill 180* to get the same look…however, for anyone who has done it knows that it is not a simple task to do it correctly and keep it perfect.

This is why I am asking if anyone knows where to source the V weave. If I can buy it already woven, then that seriously reduces time and risk factor of doing it the methods mentioned above.  I have found 50" width, but I need 60".

For the record, this is actually not going to be used on a surfboard at all (though I think it would be cool and have never seen it done), else 50" would be more than enough.  I also do CF fab work for cars on the side.  I figured this would be a resourceful place to ask due to the knowledge levels of FG/CF/resin.


So the question still remains… do you know where I can buy it?

looks cool! That would make a pretty spoiler or splitter!

indeed.  cutting and doing the 180 flip on smaller pieces isnt so much of a prob. Start going to big things (in my case, a car hood) and things become interesting. The butt-pucker factor goes up tremendously.