Spar varnish as a top coat?

One more quick question. I had asked previously what to use on an airbrush job that was painted on OVER the laready fiberglassed board. People keep telling me resin is the wrong way to go. Would a durable, outdoor, gloss varnish like SPAR varnish work if the board was sprayed? Thanks again guys… BRIAN

Spar varnish is a marine application varnish which contains a large percentage of resins. It is a soft varnish which never completely dries out and imparts a rather noticable amber tone to the object being finished. I would suspect that it would not be suitable for your purposes.

do you have any suggestions other than my SPAR VARNISH idea?

I’ve tried Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane from Home Depot. It worked fine for me over a board that had been painted on the outside.

Use UPOL clear coat #1 from the Auto paint store. It comes in a spray and it’s bullet proof.