I’ve got a question for all you veteran shapers out there. I just shaped my first board and i used a home made template from a Rich Harbour board. The board had these two vees shaped in starting at the nose and ending about a foot short of the middle of the board. The board was a 9’6". The board i made was a 10’1" and i didn’t make the vee so pronounced or long. My question is could the vee be slowing me down? I took this board to San Onofre and it felt like i was trying to paddle a railroad tie. I also did not put a gloss coat on. Would that make a difference? Thanks for all your input.

No gloss is not the problem. In fact some say that a board is faster with a sanded finish. The V’s that you are talking about I think are nose chanals. They are Rich’s idea for nose riding, and are made to keep from slowing you down like a full concave. More then likely you have your rocker set up wrong. I don’t know about your surfing so I can’t address anything other then that.

those nose channels are signature on Harbour surfboards. the theory is that the board will plane up a little bit at the nose without the resistance created by a nose concave. if you shaped it in such a fashion that it is creating a lot of resistance, that could be the cause of the sluggishness. alternatively, it might be rocker or possibly riding the new board just requires a little different technique. i suggest you play around on it for awhile and see.

Thanks for the advice. I have one more question, I understand a little about rocker but everyone seems to tell me something a little different about it. What style of rocker works best in which application? My rocker is set up as “natural” from Clark foam. Is this an acceptable rocker for a new rider?

who’s paid their dues? :wink:

Neturnal rocker is just the rocker that the plug shaper put into the plug. A blank is shaped by someone that wants a new blank or is asked to shape a new blank. If you are using a blank that was shaped to be used as a no rocker nose rider neturnal is one thing. If you take a blank that the guy is wanting to use as a gun and try and shape a nose rider neturnal rocker will make you really look like you have no idea what you are doing. In other words neturnal rocker for one blank at 10 foot may be 2 inches in the nose and for another 10 foot blank it may be 8 inches in the nose. Do some reading, it is always good to know your starting point. Good luck.

if you’re using clark, call and ask them to mail you a catalouge. it contains all information…rocker, thickness,width,etc. they used to make available a catalouge that listed who used what blanks too.

Hmmm… You say you made a 10’1" board. My best guess is that you probably used the 10’1" Y blank. If so, the natural rocker of that blank should not be causing you any problems. Now, when you were shaping the board, did you add any rocker to the tail or the nose? if you added some either in the nose or tail, that could be contributing to the problem. Any kind of “flip” in the tail is going to drag. A lot of added nose rocker would cause the board to push water, but you would have to add a lot (2" +++) to the natural rocker to start having the problems that you are describing. My next guess would be thickness. How thick is the board? If you hacked a bunch of thickness out of the blank, that could be causing your problems. Did you put a concave in the board? If so, you could have created a bump in the rocker where the concave blends into the boards rocker. That could be pushing water also, especially if is under your chest when you are paddling. The only other thing I can think it might be is if it’s a thruster or a 2+1 setup, you could have towed your fins in too much, and that could be dragging on you. -Carl

You know, i read all over and i can’t fid a dang thing about “Neturnal” rocker. Maybe YOU should read up brother. Thanks for the condensending tone also.

ok, easy now. You can download the clark catalog from the internet, here’s one place to do it:


Good explanation there of the rocker process… try looking in the glossary and search the archives too. There’s so much discussion of rocker you could probably read up for a week…

rocker can be the difference between a 1964 vw bus on the interstate and a 600slc. rocker can make or break a shapers reputation if he’s not doing knockoffs. thats why when someone asks about buying a new board they are either referred to a nationally known name(that how they got there) or to their local shaper who knows the area and has been in business for a while (or he’d be starving).