Sprout in Santa Cruz !!!!

Hey- Thomas Campbell’s new movie “Sprout” is playing at the Rio theater in Santa Cruz tonight at 8pm(Soquel Ave at Seabright). Special musical guests Tommy Guerrero and Ray Barbee- live! We are so stoked. Come on down and say Hi- I’ll be the tall guy yelling “YEAH!” This movie is “Citizen Kane” for the swaylocks set.

Unless I’m mistaken , aren’t those musos famous skaters ??

I seem to remember tommy’s name from the 80’s? ['70’s, even ?]

I may be wrong, of course…

Alva and I think also Steve Alba were in bands , so it’s certainly likely. [And, wasn’t Duane Peters , also ?]

I'd LOVE to see that movie. Anyone know if Sprout will be touring Australia ?? 

[I enjoyed ‘The Seedling’!]


I wonder what thomas will call his next one… “the TREE”, perhaps ???

Yup- Tommy and Ray were both skate stars in the 80’sI think you can see both in the Bones Brigade movies- check out their music at


We liked Steve Caballero’s band The Faction. We see him here and there- still a friendly ripping guy. skates the old guy night at the Vans park in Milpitas

We see Ed Templeton at art openings - he showed us some nice fresh stitches when we asked him if he’d been skating much

Great that all these guys have good lives

as to an Australian tour- I’ll ask at the movie tonight but the DVD should be out mid november

Yo Steinster - Sprout played in the Arlington Theater Wednesday night. It was almost a packed house; they said we broke the attendance record for the touring film. Hooting after every scene change. Dan Malloy and Rasta riding new Lopez remakes of 70’s single fins in big surf, driving in the tube.

Saw it. Great flick.


eastpac, thanks HEAPS for that attachment…WHERE did you get THAT shot ?! …that’s AWESOME!!

That’s clinched it for me now , on what to do with the 6’ 10 stringerless blank!

 thanks again mate! 


Met Thomas Campbell this weekend at the manasquan old school longboard contest (we have mutual friends). He told me he has been in NYC tweaking the editing. So some of the complaints people had at earlier showings may no longer be an issue.

Ray Barbee played when Sprout showed in West Palm Beach back in August - he is a really amazing guitar player. I bought his cd and I can’t reccommend it enough. My only complaint is that it is only six songs!

Sprout is awesome - I agree, don’t miss it.

One other thing - the new Surfer’s Journal has a big article on Thomas Campbell’s artwork.



eastpac, thanks HEAPS for that attachment…WHERE did you get THAT shot ?! …that’s AWESOME!!

thanks again mate!


can’t really say, but if you’re old enough it should be obvious




See ya there

Hey Steiny have fun tell the boys I said Hey.KP