Square tail vs. rounded pin for 9' gunnish

I'm drafting up a 9', gunnish, stretched egg outline. Previously I've done a soft rounded pin tail, works fine. This time I'm wondering about using a soft cornered square tail, not too broad in width. From the draft trials the square tail affords a bit more width in the tail area, this is good, but I also want smooth efficiency which the rounded pin is good at.  I see many big name nice shapes with the square tails and I'm riding one now, works ok for this hack. For wave selection I'm trying for one size fits all.  Any comments on round pin vs. soft square for the 9 footer in mind? Thanks


true egg shapes by their nature are RP’s…sounds like you’re looking for more of a ‘fun gun’, aka Desert Island for an easy reference…?

I like fun guns a lot…probably the most functional single board quiver for 5’ to 12’ …  personally prefer them as RP’s once over 8’ in length as it shortens the rail line…and like to ride them as thrusters with the fins pushed up, opened up on the board to promote a larger sweet spot for turning from further up…

My vote.

lavarat, That is one nice looking speed egg. 

 I would also vote for the round pin.  If you want a slightly wider tail do a step wing