...squaretailed twinnies ....

Okay ,

tied in with a couple of previous threads here , and because I was just talking to a friend who was considering making one …

who here has shaped and ridden one , and what were your thoughts on the design , please ?

Also , if anyone has photos of the board[s] , please feel free to post them here …

cheers !


…as a rough kinda guide , my friend was thinking around 6’ long , by ?20" [or more maybe?] wide, possibly 2 1/2 -3" thick, but possibly could go thinner . He is a big guy [6’2 , 200lbs , thereabouts], and will be riding it in waves with power , probably up to the headhigh and a few feet bigger range ?

Made over 20, sometimes rounded the corners so it don’t ding so easy.

Works fine, like most tails.

Back in the early 70’s, after Corky Carrol won the US Championships on one, a lot of guys in Huntington Beach were riding them, including me…

Worst boards I’ve every ridden. The tail wouldn’t bite, and they turned like dogs. The only place they worked was in the whitewash.

Says a lot for Corky’s surfing ability.

Good luck… maybe your friend can make one that works for him.

Yeah, your square tailed twins were too long and used too small fin sizing.

Mine were longest at 5’8" x 20, used mostly 6.5 to 7.5" side fins, and held in easily in DOH Tarantulas.

OK, some were diamond tails, but still, your boards used too small fins, like all the SoCal twins of the day.

cheers !

I have drawn up a few fins for them …

5 x 6"



even a 7 x 7" pair.

Do you think the wider base as well as the extra depth will help Lee ?

Or , did they also work well with say a 4-5" base and 6-7" depth ?

cheers !


I’ve always liked shorter chord and taller lengths, so the board still pivot turns like intended.

It seems more important the lighter the board gets, and the more vert style you like to surf.

Often used twin 7.5’s with 5.5 chord widths, and sometimes left it on in average 4’ surf, but then I’d have to get agressive and powerful to make it work.

I’d guess all the SoCal companies of the early '70’s used 4.75" tall fins to make the board easy to ride for slow mostly mushy surf. It sure didn’t work worth a lick up here in NorCal.

I personally don’t like keel style fins. Some people love them, and they surf well.

What I find is increased drag mostly, and inefficient foil that can spin out or cavitate under loads and hollow surf. I’d go for quad over keels, but find 6.5" tall x 5" chord twins do a pretty balance job for railing vert style turns.

Hiya Ben!

it may interest you…

Today I rode a freinds 5’3" twinnie with a winged pintail and the fins were the same size (roughely) as my 6’2" Mark Richards twinnie, the winged pin fins however had a template more like the “brewer wide base” fins and the MR template is more conventional if you know what i mean. fin placement was pretty simaler though.

Aha !

…Can you get photos of the board , and the fins , and get some measurements of both , please , Josh ? That would be good . 5’3" eh ??

cheers mate !