SRS Leash Plugs - Any Feedback?

I saw this and the concept seems logical. Has anyone tried it?

but who does it work on pintails or swallow tails or even rounded pins?

I put the leash loop right down in the buttcrack of the swallow tail of a board, and it doesn’t really seem to tombstone that much, so maybe it’s sound…the broad flat face at the end where the strings come out seems a bit limiting, maybe you can shape it a little to fit board contours, for swallows, round tails, etc.


srs…hmmmm…formerly known as “butt plug”. i guess they figured a change in name would enhance sales. i don’t know why they have not gained popularity, they seem to be a pretty logical and functional design…


Most surfers don’t perceive any problem with traditional leash cups. They are dirt cheap, so shapers are loath to change. In waves where tombstoning is a real problem, people just use longer leashes.

I have one on my swallowtail and it works perfectly. I believe this is standard issue at Pointblanks in Ventura. It did look more labor intensive to install for sure.


Any chance you could shoot a close pic of it? Just curious seeing it in a swallow. Do you notice a difference with less tombstoning?



It (so far) never tombstones. As of this time it has not been in surf much more than head high (insert sniffles here).

If it was used with the old slingshot “goon” cords of yesteryear it would fly back and crack you…but as it is with today’s leashes it just quickly assumes the path of least resistance and comes to papa.

I’d be happy to post some shots but that will have to wait till later.

Regards, Gil

It is indeed standard issue for Pointblanks. I have 2 of their boards, a 10’0" Noseglider and a 9’6" custom. Both have round pins and the “BP” leash plug. Its a nice feature, a clean installation, and works just fine. The best part is you can remove the nylon ‘rail saver’ from your leash and tie the swivel directly to the leash plug. That decreases drag and kelp catches, but you do have to figure out someplace else to put your key :slight_smile:

Herb, here’s the shots, hope they help.

It appears it was dadoed into the styrofoam and carbon fiber but I don’t know if there is any “rebar” type integrity attachment. With so little drag, glue and glass may be enough.


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I know this doesn’t belong to this thread but: am i the only one on this forum without a 5 fin Bonzer on the quiver???

Which kind of waves do you use to surf with it? How does it performs?

Sorry again but i’m anxious to include a FISH and a 5 fin bonzer to my quiver, but isn’t easy here in Spain…

Good waves!

Wow that’s a nice looking board…Who made You that bonzer, and what are the measures and so on.

Do You have any more photos You could post of it. Please!



I really like the design even more after seeing it on your board (by the way, that’s a sweet looking board). Without a doubt, I will give that system a go on my next board. Company’s like Advanced Sports and Point Blanks really should be admired. Both look like they really want a stake in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to post those shots. Have a great weekend!


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Hi guys,

The board was shaped by Fletcher Chouinard at Pointblanks. The shape is similar their Mako model which you can look at online. I wanted a board for use in lots of conditions so I stretched it to 7’-8" and thickened it some. I weigh 205lbs without rubber, have a shoulder issue, am 46 years old. (more stoked than ever too)

It is closed cell EPS and epoxy with a carbon fiber stringer by composiflex* and Red-X 5 fin setup.

It rode great in head high surf, lots of drive, easy paddle. While it does feel “corky” compared to a similar board I have, it didn’t affect the ride at all. I was putting on the brakes to stay in the pocket…can’t wait for a point break. If you want to whack,whack …whack the lip go shorter (obviously) and get the thruster.

I demoed a 7-4 before buying (thruster/wood stringer) that rode great in waist to headhigh before I returned it. I figured this board would last a long time so I figured in my ageing and strength into the shape for a long relationship as my primary board. (one longboard in my quiver I’ve had 38 years)

Other notables… I asked if Yvon Chouinard came through town if he could sign it as he is a longtime hero of mine.(he did, it held up glassing but well worth it to me) and when picking up my first new custom in years excited as hell, I look up and standing there is Gerry Lopez!?! I know I know some of you kids are thinking…so…big deal. I’m not so casual cool. On the outside I looked like a “normal” surfer but inside I was suddenly a little gremmie (pre-grommet) giddy as a school girl. Many of my precios lifetime minutes of tubetime I was Gerry! (in my head)I introduced myself and he graciously signed my board (commenting the board was gonna piss off some people in the lineup)

Sorry if that last part was so long but when your youth comes by <span style="font-style:italic">Grab It</span> and enjoy the ride (even if it's a mindride) 

Last…(finally) the light spot above the rocker is a baby possum that slept under a longboard left on the lawn overnight. I’m including it to keep Doc’s marshrat company.

Great waves to all, Gil