Stage 6 Fin - Shortboard Application

There was some discussion a while back about the Greenough stage 6 fin, mostly on longboards. Any one using one on a shortboard (single fin setup)? Please pass along your data!

I use a 9.75" True Ames paddle-fin on my 6’4" and 6’6" single-fins. The fin feels considerably smaller than it looks. I’d say it works best when you’re driving and carving as opposed to cruising on the wave. It wasn’t available at the time, but a 9.0" molded glass/fiber paddle-fin would be perfect for my shortboards.

i am using the 7.25 and 8.25 on my 6’4" single diamond tail. huge difference from the true ames greenough 4a flex fin i started with and that was a 9". tons more drive on turns. my buddy has found the same results on his takayama eggs and tudor egg shapes. he is using the two larger sizes on 8’4", 8’0", and 7’6"s. i use the 7.25 on smaller days (up to chest high) and for head high and over, use the 8.25. the larger size holds better in hollower waves, but the smaller fin really combines drive and release in smaller conditions. a really great fin…thanks again magic man

i’ve got a 7’6" wide diamond tail 70’s stinger that i’m looking for a fin for it. do you think the 8" or 9" greenough paddle fin would be better? i’m thinking the smaller one as i’m more of a down the line surfer but i’m open to suggestions. also, how much flex do these paddlefins have? see url for fin pics/sizes. thanks to all, jim

also, i read a post in the archives from UNDERGROUND that said that a stinger center/single fin should be almost verticle with little or no rake. it seems that this paddlefin would be the exact oposite of what he’s recommending,no? any thoughts on this one?? thanks to all, jim