Standard hpsb for larger than average guy

The simple 4 for health is to stick to the the RDAs (Recommended Daily Allowance) for saturated fat, salt, sugar and protein.  It’s almost impossible not to lose weight if you do.  Also, calories in should match calories burned at the very least.  

Doing this restored my cholesterol and blood sugar to the normal range, and I have lost 20 lb.  188 to 168, almost to 165 and looking for 160.

@ McD, I can’t tolerate artificial sweeteners.  But a few years back, I discovered “Xylitol” – tastes the same as sugar to me without the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners (1-to-1).  If you’re watching blood sugar, Xylitol is a good sugar substitute.

More good advice from Stoney.  Mahalo.